Legacy Passes On

The genes they say
get reflected in the looks
a semblance being found
between mother and daughter.

Finding themselves in appearance
thoughts do catch them
being predominantly seen
as revealed in interactions and speech.

Apparently genes flow across the qualities
might be not shown openly
surfacing explicitly in the behaviour
the resemblance being pronounced.

Watching carefully the attitude of two girls
with whom I am closely associated
drew a parallel between then and their grandmother
they not live close but far away from each other.

They being together for a month in two years
do talk over the modern gadgets
but the two girls subconsciously inherited a quality
that of loving their home much .

The grandmother being tied to her home
enamoured by its charm get things done over a phone
the girls do not relish to venture out
wanting to relax in the comfort of their homes.

This made me deliberate for a while
wherein and how do these children learnt being so
concluded I that it is notgenes4 learning but inheritance
a legacy being passed on to them from their senior


Those Who Create.

The brush which paints
knows not its work.
it being a silent spectator
doing that it has to do
rather aiding the one who does.

Being that in truth
that which one helps
or that one which is used
can never stake claim
over the accomplishment.

Not understanding the creativity
the helpers and the facilitator
try to assume the fame with a pride
there by ignoring the creator
who endeavoured to finish it beautiful.

This goes to all the creations
be it in art or architecture
be it in the making of man
the hand of the doer is invisible
those who pt forward gamble not ordinary.

The mother who carries the child
brings him up with love
certainly not owns the child
being appointed to make him into a man
with that her responsibility gets over.

She is akin to a brush , pen
similar to a carrier
never the craftsman or sculptor
who works hard to create
never she could aspire to be so.



The Protests

protestsThe protests down the lane
shouting has become profane
objections are to be raised
need not become a pursuit.

An agitation there may be in form
could be silent and firm not in storm
requiring no chaos and dilemma
the gravity should be made to be felt.

The mere anger and cries there be
could no longer bring change in the alibi
working out on a pact that strikes
and knocks the doors of the programs.

Following it up in great punctuality
executing the design with balanced itinerary
leads to a classic destination of progress
ensuing a thrive and prosperity in the sojourn


Restoring The Old

Reviving a bet
recycling the old
renovating the building
redoing on the whole
brings an expense much more.

Creating is the best form of doing
aping is the easiest mode of execution
restoring being difficult performance
requires a skill and proficiency overwhelming
undoubtedly to get the original back in shape.

Being so, restoration needs care utmost
minute details have to be looked into intensely
emphasizing a keen insight and research foremost
that takes the procedure to a scrutiny sober
releasing a structural pattern of great value.

Mostly none undertake this assignment
as it demands patience and deft handling
involving a time more than needed that went in to restorationthe original
accompanied by the fear of not spoiling the element
that of restoring the nuances in the old.