The Spellbound Eloquence






The coy little girl nodded her head

smiling shy but with a glow

with sparkling eyes she stood there

looking graceful and pretty.


Feeling shy is natural to girls

as they feel insecure among strangers

turning to their mothers now and then

expressing in terms with drawn.


The little girl talked in tone soft

words came flowing like a song

making gestures lovely and smart

holding the attention of the beholder.


A girl so small and shy

spoke with such determination

her oration being laid with ideals

while her eloquence was amazing.


As she went through her speech

supported by quotations and statistics

the spectators listened to her in rapt attention

being there a pin drop silence.


She received a standing ovation

that lasted for a longer duration

her mother beaming with pride

as the little one came running to her.


Circumstances make the man

goes the adage with a veracity

that being proved in 970267564045126969850569921216nthe girl’s attempt

a shy petite girl emerged as an eloquent orator.




The Cheer And Fear.

The wind blows 

with the rustle and bustle

at times gentle stock-footage-happy-thanksgiving-leaves-this-video-starts-out-with-a-plant-with-leaves-gently-moving-in-the bringing cheer

realising great cheer and hope

at times fierce raising a disaster

releasing  great fear and harm

there being two sides for everything

a good and bad

the head and tails in the coin

which represents the best

which stands for worst

we know not  in full strength.

The face have two sides

one reflecting the genial

the other depicting the devil.

Well, that be the reason for all

having two sides in all

one for you and one for me

so goes the expression

with a plausibility  and impossibility

with a shine and a fade

that be the facets we perceive

being a regular strand of life.







Enjoyment And Security

The chatter of the monkeys was noisy.
The chirping of the birds was noisier.
The barking of dogs was the noisiest
The one making sounds incessantly being harmless
The second one tweeting in soft tunes
The last one grunting rather fiercely frightening all.
This being the noise around me all through
with the monkeys high up on the tree tops
coming down in a somersault
The birds playing in my backyard
pecking at the morsels of food left there.
The dogs of my neighbours standing behind the gate
guarding the portals from strangers with an alertness
These being the scenes around me most of the days
amidst the din and banter I live with no fear
as I have the monkeys looking at me from top
and the birds playing hide and seek in the garden
with them I have developed a companionship
Besides all these there are the dogs living adjacent
chasing away any stranger with one sharp growl
That be the enjoyment and the security I get altogether538px-Tobias_Stranover_-_A_Monkey,_a_Dog_and_Various_Birds_in_a_Landscape_-_WGA21874


Excellence Rises Not.

Deeming it not primary

considering it secondary

 the  program was set aside.


Knowing not its full worth

throwing it out into the dearth

would end up in a great loss.


Intensity counts most

while  the morals  remain the foremost

the discard was not appropriate .


All things  with great  design

do not come up  with a sign

that be the fate of value.


Poems of excellence

actions of great reverence

have not reached the top.


A push and pull with might

necessitating  a  handsome  reward  in sight

places the schedule at the top.


All cannot afford such dispersal liberal

that would weigh on them with expense  possible

burdening them with  liabilities  in the go.










The Beginning and End.

The beginning of the day

marked with cheer and rigour

ends up in the evening

with a serene  feel and tired mind.


Every beginning starts with mirth

concluding with a misty exhaustion.

The wear and tear throughout

sucks our energy and liveliness .


The day is not exclusive

it being found in human experience too

with the youth  are always thriving

the  aged mostly  fall into decreasing strive.


The years of toil and experience

grant a wisdom and sobriety

they too greatly bring in

a fatigue and lethargy.


The sparkle and shine gradually fade

leaving a care and share in the go

lit with an overwhelming concern

accompanied by a consideration .


This is the way everything goes

that be of day and human

could that be to animals and trees

also found in culture tumblr_mdr6b4KBp21qj6q5yo1_1280 and civilization