Being A Solace

The huge tree in the corner

with branches big and strong

spreading them in width

elongating in varied lengths

stood majestic and massive

cruising itself to altitudes high.

The branches with leaves dense

bent down unable to bear the weight

almost touching the ground

looked as though they are kissing the land

showing gratitude to the soil

from where they grew.

Having been there for decades together

becoming almost a part of the corner

a familiar loving figure all the more

a home to hundreds of birds and insects

extending a place to rest for passers-by

guarding them from heat and rain.

Serving the people and birds with

no expectation

the tree stands as a symbol of age and honour

living there in the corner with all pride

having seen children playing there

the same kids now grown and tall

having themselves fathered many sons

wishing them all well from its abode.

Not having moved an inch from its place

the tree has seen events and incidents great

there being an intense joy and deep melancholy

running undercurrent in the scroll of human life

being a witness to all the happenings

recording them with mute speculation.

With equal awe and inspiration

the people around get past the tree

nurturing a fear looking at its grandeur

sitting down under her shade at times

recollecting the past and hoping for the future

being a solace and consolation to all at all times.



Beautiful and Lovely

Beautiful refers to the looks alone
lovely corresponds to the whole
this being the inference I read just now
How far is it exact?
I do not know.

Beautiful is an impression
it being a something extra ordinary
not only the features in particular
being also the surroundings altogether
this being so of a scenery in all.

Beautiful is an exclamation
while seeing a person or architectural marvel
that which captures the eye in particular
captivating the spirit altogether
being an indication of exaltation.

Lovely, imagesFPY8M5S1they say is an endearing quality
need not point out to the looks alone
being focused on a lively interaction
a charm in speech and behaviour
that being also felt not seen.

Lovely, is one that officiates an affection
coming from the depth of the heart
being very intense and significant
getting through the whole being with rapture
being a process of enchantment

There being s subtle difference , no doubt
with beautiful and lovely being both imagesV4BZJ89Abreath-taking
a desire to see once again being predominant
that both these words connote to a qualification
that being sublime and unique in the presence.


The Days Back and Ahead

The sons of me love my company
calling me from wherever they are
talking to me in length about their doings
recalling the days when we were all together
leaves me happy for the rest of the day.

The daughters bear great affection they say
I know not how it would be
being blessed with sons all through in the go
never did I feel that a daughter could be much better
as I got absolute love from my sons through and through

There had been painful experiences with them
that of they being little unkind to me in the run
I, wielding a stick like wand to put them in place
they running away from me in their younger days
now having run away from me for their betterment.

Both runaways, precious and present, set my heart to ache
the first one releasing strict discipline for their future
the second one seems they are reciprocating similar for my old age
while I went busy with my activities in their younger days imagesE04TBD5H
now they live faraway minding their profession in my old years.

This being the life for me that brings cheer from far and near
the companionship growing strong with the grand children taking up the cue
with the boys I had lived all through till my middle age
now interacting with girls and boys a generation after
lends me a mixed feel of mirth and curiosity with no responsibility