Being A Solace

The huge tree in the corner

with branches big and strong

spreading them in width

elongating in varied lengths

stood majestic and massive

cruising itself to altitudes high.

The branches with leaves dense

bent down unable to bear the weight

almost touching the ground

looked as though they are kissing the land

showing gratitude to the soil

from where they grew.

Having been there for decades together

becoming almost a part of the corner

a familiar loving figure all the more

a home to hundreds of birds and insects

extending a place to rest for passers-by

guarding them from heat and rain.

Serving the people and birds with

no expectation

the tree stands as a symbol of age and honour

living there in the corner with all pride

having seen children playing there

the same kids now grown and tall

having themselves fathered many sons

wishing them all well from its abode.

Not having moved an inch from its place

the tree has seen events and incidents great

there being an intense joy and deep melancholy

running undercurrent in the scroll of human life

being a witness to all the happenings

recording them with mute speculation.

With equal awe and inspiration

the people around get past the tree

nurturing a fear looking at its grandeur

sitting down under her shade at times

recollecting the past and hoping for the future

being a solace and consolation to all at all times.



Solace Be Yours

A solace is found

 not in the lap of luxury

 not in the wealth of currency 

 never in the volume of power.


A solace is seen

invariably in the realms of truth

invisibly in the regions of  mercy

independently in the   reigns of the mind.



A solace being not merely

a temporary rejuvenation

a lively at the moment interpretation

a simple adjusting equation..



A solace for all matter

becomes an embodiment of ease and consolation

an exaltation of   resignation and contentmentsolace

an empowerment  of the mind’s competence.



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Stay at Home

Hate to go out mostly,

Find solace at home,

The  incessant chatter disillusions,

The  irrelevant gossip disenchants,

The  eagle like stare penetrates,

The  stinging words pierce,

The  sharp sneer kills,

Cause not like to get out,

 Cause stay at home renders peace.

subscriptions thoughts turmoil

Threats in an Unknown Land.

Living away from home is a strain,

It is nevertheless an exhaustive drain,

Enduring the solitude  with a decorative feign,

Days roll slowly without any gain.

Adding up to the misery of living  away

There arises  series of threats every day,

The burglary in the neighbourhood  keeps  us at bay,

The murder in the marketplace turns us gray.

Holding the breath  with great fear,

Panting heavily in a desolate gear,

Hiding with  concern in the rear,

Waiting for the ultimatum in a shaky queer.

To gather courage one needs steps severe,

To face the threat  one requires boldness near,

To thwart the  danger  one should possess bravery  dear,

To emerge successful one  should display strength revere.

Threats are   very much present at home too,

They do exist in the surroundings too,

But the solace of having the loved ones besides too,

Sends a plausible security with much trust too.


A deadly aberration, A lively correction

Does the caption sound odd?

I can see many an eye lifted,  find a twinge in the lips , and a frown in the forehead of the readers.

It makes you wonder, what it is all about?

Two diametric, diagonal, phrases seamlessly conjoined.

A couple of days back , I read the tragic shoot out , by Karthick Rajaraman.

The stock jeopardy, had inflicted financial constraint in this man , of exemplery educational background.

He extended his paternal care ,by ending the life of three promising youngsters, his sons.

The eldest was a Full Bright Scholar, the othr two were very young, just 11 and 9 years, very erudite and diligent students.

His wife was also a butt of his vexation,

His aged mother-in-law also, succumbed to Karthick’s agitated move.

Karthick , has over stepped his limitation.

I was absolutely appalled by this incident,which kept on nagging me for days together.

A day back, I chanced to read  a harrowing experience of an illiterate woman,Lakshmi

She is uneducated, abandoned by her husband,.

After initial years of infatuation , the man treated her brutally.,

On one such occassion ,she lost her unborn child.

She  became a domestic helper..

Years rolled on.

One fine morning, a police  inspector informed her that her husband is in police custody ,for murdering his second wife.

This poor damsel, rushed to the prison , and was shocked to see him in dishevelled condition.

Life sentence was imminent for such a gruesome act.

His infant daughter was about to be adopted by the orphanage.,

 To every body’s surprise, she took charge of the child..

The formalities were completed., after her husband signed the proposal form.

She returned home with the child. sending sensational signals to her patrons. 

 Her next move ,was  even more surprising than her adoption.

She admitted the child in a play school.

She firmly resolved to supplement the girl  education and nourishment by working extra hours.

I contemplate,

An affluent educated man’s attitude is  an echo of thorough cowardice.

A poor illiterate woman’s  outlook is   resonant of fine stoicism.

He has killed his own children.

She is bringing up her foster daughter.

He had his kith and kin., to fall upon.

She  has none to support.

These  are transcription of real life.

One is fear and iresoluteness

The other is grit and  determination.

Laksmi seems to say,

Come ,what may, I will prolong. She is akin to “The River”

“Men may come, Men may go.

But I go on forever.”

My  gnawing mind settles down to an unbelievable ease.