A Drift Of The Soul

The move frequent

sets a trend  of  disassociation

comprises a belonging

being nowhere .


A shift so often

delivers a state of  indifference

deciphers a characteristic

of not so an attachment.


A here and there living

releases an insecurity

registers not a continuity

a drift of the soul.












A Smart Move.

A smart move

lead you  mostly to victory

less to defeat.


agnostic convention desire Poetry

The Migration

Far away from the roots

away from the origin

one finds a desolation

a sort of disillusion

yet man is restless

moves from one place to another

from one region to the other

mindless of his difficulties

the desire to earn  is  all the more

suppresses the other fancies even so

he migrates across with a will

succeed he might  in the course

nevertheless loses his  identity

I might sound orthodox on the go

the feel I have towards it is so

might be wrong on the  premise

for me it proves to be amiss

well. that be the  individual idea

I am too far from the modern world

primitive  as a relic  all too much in style

nor I propose to impose my ideas

or strike with a force  on the convention

each one has his say in the world

my voice is one from the wilderness

mostly goes unheard  with no effect

yet I express my feel with a gusto

agnostic migrationmight be to most.

it is but the truth in real



Clipping the tail
more precisely the feathers
go with a restriction
that impose a fail.

Clipping the hair
more so for fashion
make one look at random
a different entity altogether.

Clipping the eyebrows
to looks like an arch
is done for highlighting
that turns out to be fun.

Clipping at the bud
promotes a growth fast they say
in reality it is an attempt
that twists the natural.

All said and done
clipping is not natural
but an enforcement artificial
that hurts the truthclipping.


Man a Vegetable.

He is a vegetable now
He became so
after got overthrown
hit right on the spot
he sunk into a coma .

Three months have gone
still he remains so
his wife and children
shocked to see him initially
now think of him as a burden.

Hospital bills are huge
there is no improvement what soever
he lies without any move
like a dead mean
breathing alone
a sign of lifecoma.


The Nuances Of Transition

The days fly away.

The leaves fall down,

The winds surge above.

The thoughts range behind,

There is a movement always

whatever be the posture

there be an up and down

that of a sideways expanse too.

The revolution of the earth around the sun.

The rotation of the earth on transitionits own axis .

The waning and waxing of the moon

all tell us about the motion

The waves coming in and going out

The sky clear turning cloudy.

The day becoming night,

all tell us about the changes routine.

The physic robust tending to become weak.

The youth in form aging to old in frailty

That be the nuances of transition

implying an intrinsic worth and flight


Being A Solace

The huge tree in the corner

with branches big and strong

spreading them in width

elongating in varied lengths

stood majestic and massive

cruising itself to altitudes high.

The branches with leaves dense

bent down unable to bear the weight

almost touching the ground

looked as though they are kissing the land

showing gratitude to the soil

from where they grew.

Having been there for decades together

becoming almost a part of the corner

a familiar loving figure all the more

a home to hundreds of birds and insects

extending a place to rest for passers-by

guarding them from heat and rain.

Serving the people and birds with

no expectation

the tree stands as a symbol of age and honour

living there in the corner with all pride

having seen children playing there

the same kids now grown and tall

having themselves fathered many sons

wishing them all well from its abode.

Not having moved an inch from its place

the tree has seen events and incidents great

there being an intense joy and deep melancholy

running undercurrent in the scroll of human life

being a witness to all the happenings

recording them with mute speculation.

With equal awe and inspiration

the people around get past the tree

nurturing a fear looking at its grandeur

sitting down under her shade at times

recollecting the past and hoping for the future

being a solace and consolation to all at all times.



Move Being There

The wheels move 

the legs move

the economy moves

the music moves

there be a move all over.


The movement being so imminent

with not that the world

comes to an end  and a shalt

full stopping the eternity.


The top gear in the move

being an inclination

going with a determination

for a progress prospective.


the gear being set

goes the move in acceleration

there be a break

then the setting collapses


That being the mmoveotion

the roll and scroll catch the flow

aspiring to become the top

ascribing a definite shot.


The ball in motion

meanders through all proportions

flying to the pinnacle

reaching the culmination.


The wheels move

the legs move

the  economy moves

the music moves

there ba move all over.




The Day In A Swirl

With the day breaking into a morn
the sun came up and shone
making the world glow
as the  movements got into a flow
with a rush and a push all over
the sound and bound in a hover
a clamber there and a clamour here
the world gets busy and noisy to hear
meantime the sun rises up to the top
sending a significant warmth  atop
the world tuning weary and tired
with its inhabitants  getting fired
both by their heads and the sun
there being a desire for fun
which sets in with the sun going down
while the evening gets across
and the world gets back the loss
indulging in fun and mirth  getting deep
till they go back to slumber and sleep.


A Move- Haiku

A move there.
Going away from home town
a move out.

A move there
Clearing the way for leaders.
A move out.

A move there
Taking a decision very bold.
A move out.

A move there
Getting upset over simple things.images (74)
A move out.

A move there
here and every time and place.
A move out.