clouds dark night Poetry Rain sky

The Evening Song.

primrose eveningRain comes every evening

the stage is set at 3 in the evening

the clouds gather  slowly in the evening

they come close and close in the evening

seem to have a confidential chat in the evening

they slowly turn colour in the evening

grey becomes dark and then black in the evening

the moisture rises up in the evening

the clouds cool and fall as droplets in the evening

start as a drizzle and pick up to a storm in the evening

the rains lash and pour in torrents in the evening

they fall very heavy till 5 in the evening

the sky clears and the clouds move in the evening

the light turns off and night enters diffusing the evening

with that the sky is dark and there is no more evening.


The Day In A Swirl

With the day breaking into a morn
the sun came up and shone
making the world glow
as the  movements got into a flow
with a rush and a push all over
the sound and bound in a hover
a clamber there and a clamour here
the world gets busy and noisy to hear
meantime the sun rises up to the top
sending a significant warmth  atop
the world tuning weary and tired
with its inhabitants  getting fired
both by their heads and the sun
there being a desire for fun
which sets in with the sun going down
while the evening gets across
and the world gets back the loss
indulging in fun and mirth  getting deep
till they go back to slumber and sleep.


A Bud Flowers And Dies

I saw a small bud in the morning,

it was fresh and feeble,

it was so beautiful.


I walked out in the late morning,

It was still the same,

It was dainty and frail.


I peeped out in the afternoon,

It looked more or less the same,

Though slightly bigger than in the morn.


I made it again in the late afternoon,

It was there remarkable as ever,

It danced charming in the breeze.


I advanced towards it in the evening,

It had opened up elaborately,

Spreading its fragrance all over.


I rushed towards it the next morning,

Its petals looked withered,

It was drooping  in a fold.


I retreated with a heavy heart,

Capitulating the growth in a day,

Finally reconciling to death also in a day.