The Rise Of The Sun.

The rise of the sun
comes with a fun
with a wind very strong
the birds make merry with a song
the sun rises from its slumber in a languish
with a stretch and straighten up in anguish
gathers up in a hurry overcoming its tardiness
kisses the darkness with a mild fondness
the brightness comes out in hide and seek
shades of yellow and silver dissipate the bleak
it is but a lovely sight to watch
encourages the one to go with a catch.The_Rise_of_the_Sun_by_think0

hope Poetry slumber.

The Rise And Set

The day starts with joy immense 

with the dawn fresh and reviving

the hope continues  with a force

when the sun stands atop

over the head with a penetration

the feel, to overcome, is at the zenith

with the thrust to out beat  with a force

the thought, to overwhelm,  comes with a zest

but the wish is put to unpredictable  test

with the sun’s descent towards the west

the spirit to win and perform  fades slowly

as there comes an acceptance  meek and mild

the eyes close  and revel in deep slumber

with that the mind goes back to a penumbral joint

a daily happening with no foist or point.rise and set.


The Bull and the Bear.

The bull and the bear
go with the stock market
the bull is aggressive
the bear is meek
the dashing bull
attacks the market
pushes it up
while the bear
in his dandy move
strikes the stocks
unable to bear its weight
they fall down
this be the play in the stocks
with the rise and fall
Know not where
the bull and bear
find their way
acronyms trigger
a wonder and a ponder.


The Rugged Land

download (52)The land I see  over there
seems to be rugged and undulating
goes it by mounds and bounds
with a terrain not soft but very stern
as nothing could grow there
remains for long an untouched stretch.

As everything finds its way out
this land also  finds its path
with commercials seen all the more
this no good brand rose on demand
as developers flocked their way
there it  stands aloft  with pride.

Its value rises by day and night
that which lay useless all these days
attains  a status primary and elitist
before you could close and shut your eyes
all in a day crossing the millions in a sway
that be the  price of  latent virtuosity  in a way



The Fall And Rise.

The breaking of stones
with an intermittent pause
gets me on the run
rushing to seek the going on
where the rubbles fall
one by one from a house
which had stood for long
seeing through generations
passing through the network
with children on the go
playing round the corner
the folk enduring all the debacles
enjoying  all the  miracles
a go up and a go down
with the inhabitants on the round
now is on the verge of crumbling
with the top floor almost down
the rest   shattered to the ground
with that the history of a family
gets lost in the  debris
it is only stones and mortars
they have no feelings and no tidings feel so.
To me, they echo the voice of the generations
having heard them day in and day out
every stone knows the fears and tears
every brick understood the mirth and joy
Well, the fall prescribes a changed alibi
with many apartments rising high
bringing in more families into the area
so much so the life goes in the course.
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The Day In A Swirl

With the day breaking into a morn
the sun came up and shone
making the world glow
as the  movements got into a flow
with a rush and a push all over
the sound and bound in a hover
a clamber there and a clamour here
the world gets busy and noisy to hear
meantime the sun rises up to the top
sending a significant warmth  atop
the world tuning weary and tired
with its inhabitants  getting fired
both by their heads and the sun
there being a desire for fun
which sets in with the sun going down
while the evening gets across
and the world gets back the loss
indulging in fun and mirth  getting deep
till they go back to slumber and sleep.


The Rising Sun

The rising sun
grants great fun
as it is in the run
slowly going up
reaching the top
with the mid noon
scorching great
burning like hell
the sun overhead
then slides towards west
subduing its fiery flight
sets finally in the opposite
leaving the land cool
releasing a temperate zone
nice and lovely with magnificence
great and sound in diligence
a lively feel whatsoever.



The Rise And Call

Rose up early at dawn
saw that darkness has gone
while the morning shone
with an affectionate fawn.

The light orange sun
was in a slow run
having great fun
interacting with none.

The pale blue sky rose
from its lSunRise-6azy close
reluctantly up from doze
preparing for the day’s course.

It being a beautiful sight
stood watching till morn eight
cooked nothing for the early bite
half-hearted went to the kitchen right.

The sun winked at me from afar.
I would have rushed but for
the mundane call which barred
my enjoyment greatly to an earthly jar.


The Fall And The Goal.

The fall is always heavy
with the bang and a crash
with a soft slide in cases
but any fall may it be big or small
goes through a process vivid
deep and down greatly
bringing in an agony
with an anguish and fear
holding on to the query
where there could be a rise
a crashing downflight from the abyss
With the possibilities high
that there could be a start over
renders a consolation what soever
pulling up the spirits already sunk
rolling the sleeves that had rolled past
getting into the field with a renewed charge
applying efforts with a refreshing gusto
the rise could be well organised
but mind you go in a steady support
not in a hap hazard meaningless advance
there you are sure to reach the goal


A Piece of My Mind.

To get over a crisis
or for that matter an up rise
more than that a difference
that relates to a reference
of a blow up
and a blow over
is to sit idle
like a puddle
without bothering
and without thinking
does not mean an overlooking
but a temporary holding
for a shot while
then revisiting in a style
would bring out a resolution
in a gainful notation.
Try this idea once
then ycrisisou would thank me not once
but forever.
With Cheers.