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The Bull and the Bear.

The bull and the bear
go with the stock market
the bull is aggressive
the bear is meek
the dashing bull
attacks the market
pushes it up
while the bear
in his dandy move
strikes the stocks
unable to bear its weight
they fall down
this be the play in the stocks
with the rise and fall
Know not where
the bull and bear
find their way
acronyms trigger
a wonder and a ponder.

The Reluctance

cookThe bowl being empty
with nothing in stock
reluctant to prepare anything
sat in a corner stiffly bored
the day in and day out
handling the ladle and vessels
boiling rice in the pan
into the making of broth
and the salads colourful
becomes a bug bear
so now in a status
with nothing in preparation
no material ready to eat
with the hunger unabated
and the strain in doing things
appeasing the hunger with water
sitting once again in the corner
with a fatigue not felt ever
the eyelids closing with a vigour
off into an hallucination
with dreams coming in a sequence
not relating to any consequence.

A Man Ahead

Deciding not to talk
he took a walk
saw a lonely stalk
seated in a rock
standing away from its flock
it seemed to have a mental block
and was in a status locked
as it stared at him from the dock
he went forward  and got knocked
by its  grace which was in  great stock
appreciating its tenacity without a mock
he went ahead chiming like a clock,

Walk And Talk

The walk and talk
gave a surprising shock
as they revolved round a block
a beautiful dock
that was under a lock
where people do not flock
being once a place that rocked
with fun and mock
but now it being a haunted stock
where we hear no knock
now very much silent as a dead cock
walk-and-talk-photographyas its survival comes under the clock.

Wealth And Stock.

Running away from those who talk
that of their wealth and stock
nothing more than that to block
the mind and the act to lock
I thought could save myself from this flock

Coming to a place different altogether
settling in a town where aliens are together
a few of the flock do occasionally gather
giving out information enough to bother
sufficient though to cause a flutter rather.

Trying to shift to another country soon
where I could experience the sun and moon
getting up when I like might be in noon
very much far away from these goons
hope it should turn out to be a wealth and stockboon.