The Reluctance

cookThe bowl being empty
with nothing in stock
reluctant to prepare anything
sat in a corner stiffly bored
the day in and day out
handling the ladle and vessels
boiling rice in the pan
into the making of broth
and the salads colourful
becomes a bug bear
so now in a status
with nothing in preparation
no material ready to eat
with the hunger unabated
and the strain in doing things
appeasing the hunger with water
sitting once again in the corner
with a fatigue not felt ever
the eyelids closing with a vigour
off into an hallucination
with dreams coming in a sequence
not relating to any consequence.

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Appeasing the Gods has been from yore.
Rituals differ according to the course.
Gods stay alone under the roof
as a means to ward of nature’s hoofs.

The roofs undergo a periodical update
with consecrations and extensions to date
aligning it to modern structural designs
decorating the premises to suit his signs.

Happen to see lot of eyes closed and praying
when gallons of milk was poured with a beaming
pride and demeanor on the heads of the deities
attempting to appease the divine dignitaries.

My eyes did not remain closed for long
as they perceived a child singing a song
on the roads of cities with a broken hood
crying for a dime which could buy her food.

Waking up from reverie found all hands folded
trying to find the sublime in the closeted
while the real divine, the hungry child, walks around
seeking alms to appease her hunger by going through the surround..

hungry child

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Have You Seen Her?

self_deceitNothing would appease her.
Nothing could go with her.
Nothing might get along with her.
Nothing should oppose her.

An autocrat she is.
A defiant she was.
A dare-devil she would be.
She could turn ruthless in future.

No wonder she lives alone.
Not alone really but with her children.
Interacting with none at all times
Tracking everyone now and then.

She speaks with disregard and
She thinks she is the be all and end all.
She is not a fictitious character found in books
Truly she lives amidst us in life and blood

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The Distinctions Of Full

Full has a lovely gloss.

 So it is always a full toss.

Full leads across.

As it shows up in gross.


The flowers enchant  in full bloom.

They  instantly dispel gloom.

They look beautiful in a zoom.

Activating a fertile  boom.


The nightingale sings in full-throated ease.

Releasing melody from the cluster of trees.

The voice glides through as if it is a breeze.

Capturing everyone with a solemn appease.


The full moon shines bright over the night.

Illuminating the darkness with a white light.

The full moon in the black sky  is a glorious sight.

Enticing all with a charm bright.


Full size of anything is  amazing.

The fullness is  at times alarming.

Letting a feeling that is terrifying.

Endearing a crazy note  that is  mystifying.










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It Is A Long Story

It is a long story ,

Full of  events ,

Packed with contents,

Annotated with pretence,

Quoted with reference,

Narrated with preference,

Listened with inference,

Enjoyed with deference,

Passed on with credence,

Calling for an observance,

Testing the indulgence,

Finally creating a performance,

Of delight and diligence,

Accosted by a gorgeous appease,

Solicited by a courteous inhibition,

Oh ! it is going to places,

Oh ! it is a marvel of words,

It is indeed a grand story ,

Though long and crazy.