A Breeze By Me .

A breeze swept by

laden with a moist

that be usual you say

this be with a fragrance

most unusual I say.


A whiff of  fresh air

struck the face

that be usual you say

this be with an aroma

most unusual I say.


A wind with moist brings rain

the most familiar version

a wind with fragrance entices

the most familiar diction

a wind with aroma  enchants

the most familiar  distinction.


So, there goes the breeze in a speed

strikes the face never with a greed

smothers with a love infinite

kisses  with an affinity definite

an enjoyment is there in stock

exhilarates   the entire flock.








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The Breeze In A flow.

it is a song of the breeze

that makes me to freeze

at times it is similar to a tease

other times renders a lease

a fresh leaf of life

whistles through in a strife

being not pointed as a knife

where no protests are rife

it is a gentle flow

comes in  slow

I do not know

whether it could be   a blow

else I go about with a free mind

with expressions of kind

exposing no bind

exhibiting all in a find

well, that be the way it looks

as there could be none in books

a strange fprevailing-wind-2eeling sets across

as it has been a thought without flaws.


Boon Or A Doom

The coolness in the surround

a precursor to a freeze in-depth

felt very much in the breeze

that is the phenomenon natural

but turns unbearably hot

the extremes take us with a beat

this is the formula for every deed

like the waves that flow high and low

the days turn dark and then glow

the moods swing up and down

men are quick to rise up and drown

the one becomes another soon

difficult to say anything for sure

whether it be a boon or a doom.



The December Morning

A beautiful morning it is

chill and breezy all it is

with the whiff of fresh air

comes the dawn all fair

the trees bow down as the wind blows north

they rise up with the wind blowing south

the oscillation gives a soft cajole

leaving us  refreshed on the whole

then come the birds that chatter with glee

flocking with their kin on a tree

with that there heralds children’s voices

rushing out to play in the place of their choices

that be the cold December morning

which  throws out  images (40) a joyful glistening



At Your Portals.

The early morning breeze blows on noiselessly.
Just up from the bed and stretching out lethargically
the bright sunshine gushes through the window hastily
Opening out the window and peering through curiously
see the greenery and flowers greeting you lovingly
as the tender breeze strikes through your face ligthly
you could feel the difference of the fresh breeze noticeably.
Locked all through the night under the control of electrical gadgets lonely
the fan and the air conditioner rendering a coolness much-needed artificially
relieving and diffusing the perspiration and stuffiness mechanically
The morning breeze knocks you down as it kisses your face softly
with the sweet fragrance that it brings along naturally
travelling through mounts and valleys which host largely
an abundance of vegetation that hold enormous value incidentally
bearing properties of medicinal texture and scented effervescence strongly
The daintily laden breeze delivers an intoxication at your door step voluntarily
while itmoring breeze remains a mystery and an enigma all over the world fortunately
Amazing it is to experience Nature’s benevolence at your portals eventually
brought by herself without any cost and expense almost daily.

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The Distinctions Of Full

Full has a lovely gloss.

 So it is always a full toss.

Full leads across.

As it shows up in gross.


The flowers enchant  in full bloom.

They  instantly dispel gloom.

They look beautiful in a zoom.

Activating a fertile  boom.


The nightingale sings in full-throated ease.

Releasing melody from the cluster of trees.

The voice glides through as if it is a breeze.

Capturing everyone with a solemn appease.


The full moon shines bright over the night.

Illuminating the darkness with a white light.

The full moon in the black sky  is a glorious sight.

Enticing all with a charm bright.


Full size of anything is  amazing.

The fullness is  at times alarming.

Letting a feeling that is terrifying.

Endearing a crazy note  that is  mystifying.










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There You Are Williams.

Williams has a smiling face.

He feigns an angelic grace.

His imperious steps make all to gaze.

His impetuosity is a fiery blaze.

He moves along with a created  ease.

Everyone follow him with a  difficult freeze.

He hides artfully his cheeky cheese.

He carries himself with   a superiority breeze.

Williams’ pretensions are cleverly concealed.

His manipulations involve a scheming deal.

He extends a deceitful care giving heal.

None the less he skilfully deploys a splitting  peel.


Williams tactfully alters his skills.

He   relentlessly shuffles the bills.

He discreetly swindles the monetary frills.

He silently piles up his precious fills.


Williams is not the only one doing so.

He is a stand out example hitherto.

Many more engage in a quiet tiptoe.

 They mop up everything with a gusto.


Beware of Williams’ tribe all the more.

Stand away from them evermore.

Run away from them more so.

Shun them if you can it is better so.

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The Beauty of the Morn.-An Allegory

Tiny dew drops shine like diamonds ,

They oscillate over the fragile green grass,

Shimmering in the glistening sunrise,

A beauty not to miss every morn.


Little buds peep out from the nodules,

They are in red, rose and blue,

Dancing in the morning breeze,

A beauty not to  miss  every morn.


Small children walk up the road to school,

They chuckle and chatter as they move,

Exchanging friendly gestures and pep talk,

A beauty not to miss every morn.


The glory of the day lies not  in calls,

The charm of the hour is not based on tries,

The contentment rests on impressive sights,

That take us to infinite heights.


The beauty of the morn is not to be missed,

It has to be repeatedly cherished,

The dew drops, bud and child are personifications,

Of transcendental truth and  exuberant bliss.