angel Poetry

December – Subject of Dream

December reigns supreme
always looks like a dream
with snow all over like a cream
taking a shape of a lovely beam
high and low in a deem
with a freeze in the stream
it’s a glittering gleam
like a white angel in a redeem
being Decembera loveliness all out there in a seam.


The December Morning

A beautiful morning it is

chill and breezy all it is

with the whiff of fresh air

comes the dawn all fair

the trees bow down as the wind blows north

they rise up with the wind blowing south

the oscillation gives a soft cajole

leaving us  refreshed on the whole

then come the birds that chatter with glee

flocking with their kin on a tree

with that there heralds children’s voices

rushing out to play in the place of their choices

that be the cold December morning

which  throws out  images (40) a joyful glistening