inaction. Poetry

Why I am so?

I am a witness
as if in oneness
I sit in quietness
just a mere witness.

I am a spectator
as if in an incubator
I watch from a perambulator
just a silent spectator.

Why am I so?
I do not know
as I notice in a row
derelictions in a flow.

If all be like me
nothing would there be
all would flee
inaction causes no glee.

Let the rest of you
leaving me out of view
rise up and speak out the due
destroy the evil in truesilent witness


The Reveal

Truly to say

I do not get along

I like to move in a way

very quiet and calm.

That way no none likes

as actions always count

the feverish show I dislike

remain observant and silent.

An ill fit I could be

where all move with a frenzy

alternated by hurry and glee

stay gentle with a smile.

This could be a provoke

when there is incessant gossip

going around  without a revoke

refrain from any invoke.

Well, that is what I am

reserved and not among the crowd

a spectator I am

soft and unperturbed all through.

The reveal I make of myself

is not of importance to anyone

as I am to myself

insignificant in the milieu silent


The Stone Having A Heart.

The stone remains unturned
It is been there for long
being thee in the same position
braving the heat and rain
none bothering to turn it over.

What lies below it no one knows?
Why is it lying there no one knows?
With that being in the same place
and being in the same position
lying there untouched being a mystery.

People pass through it paying no attention
Children paly around it considering it a huge toy.
Lovers sit over it talking for hours together.
There being a buzz of activity all around it
yet it remains undisturbed and unperturbed.

The stone has no heart or feel they say
stone hearted being derived from this reference
let that be true as found in the annals
but to me I feel it has a feel too
that has become immune to the trials it had encountered.

The stone being most patient and bearing
stays there all through watching the bustle
never getting into it for heaven’s sake
it being also kicked and dashed by people in anger
staying silent and calm in the scramble
illustrate its silent laughter at man’s ignorance.


The Bondage

The house keeper comes on time

no matter it is rain or shine

speaks a few words  gently

and goes about his work

tending to the artefacts

that are on display

talking to them casually

as he has known them for long

wiping them with care

placing them in place

polishing them when needed

all so smoothly and in no hurry

systematically clearing the cobwebs

cleaning the window panes and finally the floors

which do shimmer and shine

exhibiting his skill in doing so

a fine gentleman I have seen

talking very few words

as I have said earlier

demanding nothing all the way

given anything extra

for his long hours if he stays

politely refuses to take it

saying that it is his duty

a man I claim  to be my own

as he had been with me for years together

I might have been deceived by my siblings

and cheated by my housekeeperin-laws

but these kind of people

have ever remained faithful to me

I  am now a few millions less  than those

born out of the same womb

but the reward I find

you might chuckle and smile

is in the nature of such people

who have stayed with me

through my days good and bad

being not very much educated

the work force i have

serve me with loyalty a

while I value the bondage great.



Silent Extinction

We went to a celebration
close to the station
with a restriction
and a distinction
analysing the situation
with great notification
carrying on the distribution
with strict supervision
getting run over by instigations
and crossed over by insinuations
well, that has been the execution
and that has been the moderation
all through in living sessions
while soliciting a silent extinction
a departure from the world’s orientation.302799-Language-1323112562-221-640x480

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There You Are Williams.

Williams has a smiling face.

He feigns an angelic grace.

His imperious steps make all to gaze.

His impetuosity is a fiery blaze.

He moves along with a created  ease.

Everyone follow him with a  difficult freeze.

He hides artfully his cheeky cheese.

He carries himself with   a superiority breeze.

Williams’ pretensions are cleverly concealed.

His manipulations involve a scheming deal.

He extends a deceitful care giving heal.

None the less he skilfully deploys a splitting  peel.


Williams tactfully alters his skills.

He   relentlessly shuffles the bills.

He discreetly swindles the monetary frills.

He silently piles up his precious fills.


Williams is not the only one doing so.

He is a stand out example hitherto.

Many more engage in a quiet tiptoe.

 They mop up everything with a gusto.


Beware of Williams’ tribe all the more.

Stand away from them evermore.

Run away from them more so.

Shun them if you can it is better so.