The Way Out- Death

The death being an escapism

might it be an enchantment

that go without any propositions

it be a way out easily

leading to the doors of salvation

or to the portals of endangerment

death becomes  a source quick and fast

where there be an annihilation

where thee be an extinction

where there gets in  destruction

that of truth in a sense

being very hard to accept

be it not in disgust

we go about in life

living as we want

not sticking to the code of conduct

leaving it to the dust

grabbing that comes in the way

seizing that arrives by the day

not bothered about the creed

categorically drawn towards the offensive

if there be an opposition

trash them out with utmost savagery

painting that it be a suicide

posing to be down stricken

pretending to be sad and tormented

that be the deal exterior

where there be a rejoice in the interior

the counting goes on one by one

finally there would no water

there would be no water in the ocean

that would be enough

that would suffice to clean

the hands that has committed sin

not one or two in the game

but many and many more to come

thus taking the flight

not that of reason

but hopping on straight into the bandwagon

selling the conscience

bargaining the incident for truth

all for the sake of money

all the more for the reach of flesh

falling short of animals

that have a sense of morality

though being suicide trapped with only five senses

whereas the man with all his faculties sharp

condemns the truth to a fault

and gallops over it in a trot

a game well-played and well dramatised.


Silent Extinction

We went to a celebration
close to the station
with a restriction
and a distinction
analysing the situation
with great notification
carrying on the distribution
with strict supervision
getting run over by instigations
and crossed over by insinuations
well, that has been the execution
and that has been the moderation
all through in living sessions
while soliciting a silent extinction
a departure from the world’s orientation.302799-Language-1323112562-221-640x480



Extinction of species
is on the rapid now
Many kinds of frogs
birds and dogs
and other animals
that were living long
even few years back
are found no more.
The Jurassic park
brings in fond memories
of these species in stock
which have been lost
to eternity for good.
Scientists are attempting
to bring them back
by invigorating certain cells
but how far it is going to
materialise is a question.
Those revived would they
possess the same spirit
as their originals is unknown.
Thaextinctiont makes us once again
responsible to protect
these species from extinction for gain
to the world at large.

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A Heap out There.

A fastidious bowl over,

An incongruous  show along,

A grotesque feel all over,

As I saw a heap lying along.


It was not a pile of waste ,

Nor a wholesome trash,

It was not  a  dusty paste,

Nor a gruesome  crash.


It was a  plastic heap,

Lying unmoved for years,

Bags ,bottles buried deep,

Moving earth to tears.


It is there steadfast,

Emanating a stench so foul,

People go ahead fast,

Twitching their noses with a growl.


It causes affliction,

As it lives persistent,

It incites a perpetuation,

As its extinction  is resistant.


It gulps the earth,

In a swift gobble,

It harms the earth ,

To a shaky wobble.


Insecurity finds place,

Fertility of the soil is at stake,

Health is in a disastrous phase,

Man encounters a real crisis not fake.