The Fairest Of All

Mirror, Mirror on the wall
Sheela strikes the mirror affably
The mirror had been there for ages
the corners have turned black.
It reflects with a perfection.
Age has not detracted her course.
On the contrary, she has turned sharp.
Excellent is her performance.
The new ones eye her with envy.

The mirror smiles wearily.
How many faces she has reflected?
She misses the count.Not one, but
too many have confronted her like Sheela.

The mirror looks vague at this juncture
but,sports interest as always
awaits the query very much familiar.

Sheela comes forward
asks the mirror
“Who is the fairest of all?.

The mirror pouts with a tease,
lovingly calls Sheela near,
tells her in a soft tone,
without a doubt,
“You are the fairest of all”.

Overjoyed Sheela thanks the mirror profusely.

The mirror smiles wryly.
Not one but hundreds have asked her
She had replied and will interact the same way.
Truly,you are,
“The fairest of all is you.”


Poetry thoughts

My Advice to You.

Those around you

look at you

one with a bond

another with a taunt

one with a smile

another with a vile

the  looks are not the same

they could blame

else they would stare

with a flare

be they around you

each one have their rue

rely not on them  in all

accept not their every call

be yourself as always

never give out even in a trace

the inner self and mind

they would pull you in a bind

this be my advice to you

go ahead without a clue.



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Smile And Win

It is a shine all around
could it be an illumination?
nay, it is a smile all around
makes a shine like an illumination.

Smile with a kindness together
renders a brilliance in a move
yes, a smile is benign altogether
creates an ebullience in the move.

Smile lights up the face bright
the eyes seem to sparkle
nay, it is a turn all the way right
apparently like the stars in a sparkle.

It takes you all the way easy
with a smile you could win the hearts
yes, it is a ride not breezy
a beautifulsmile and win ploy to get into the hearts.

Poetry significance.

Signs True.

The regards people have for you

could be seen not in an outward show

could feel subtly in their interaction with you

not very explicit and never with a glow

seen through with intensity

the gentle talk with a shine in the eyes

the soft touch with a smile in the face

the voice cordial speaks no lies

the intention is reflected in a space

all these are proofs that they admire you

these are signs that tell us the truth.kind speeh


Smile is a Tool

Smiling she walks
works with dedication
cares not about
those who talk ill.

Has a child of two
and a husband so irresponsible
half drunk and without work
who beats her every day.

To her son she is kind
kind to her husband even more
never speaks against him
rubs aside his cruelty.

To every spanking of his
she throws a smile
at times she mumbles
when he goes astray.

Perplexed to see her behave so
most of us around her
try to help her out
which she politely refuses.

Her attitude seems most astonishing
perhaps it is an answer silent
smiling she defeats her opponents
Ismile knew not so long about this tool.


A Tearful Smile

Tears with smile
takes you longer than mile
contradicting in file smile with tears


The Girl Hiding Behind The Mother

Hiding behind her mother

 the little girl  peeped out

 while coming out now and then

winked at me for sure.


Her mother was talking to me serious

 I could not cope with her Shy Girl Hiding Behind Mother's Dresssobriety

my eyes were on the little one

longing to have a glimpse now and then.


As she winked in the intervals

I winked back wiith a grin

she giggled and hid behind

the scene went on for long.


The mother not knowing what was happening

went along with her narration

hoping that i would listen

did not stop in between.


With my attention on the girl

heard nothing of her mother’s tale

when the mother completed her story

I was nowhere in the midst.


The mother asked me few questions

trusting I would give an answer

I, knowing not what was told

blinked and mumbled something.


The mother got offended

walked away dragging the little one

the girl turned and gave another wink

winking back I sat satisfied.



The Smile Of The Flower.

A flower smiles 
 is it for you too ?
Not so much in the line
 with a glossy fine
 its petals expressing a greet
 while its colour giving a treat
 that be the greatest clue
 for me to find it true
 that flower smiles at me
 whenever I see with glee
 might be a reflection 
 as I see a deflection
  a degree almost 360 
going by a luminosity 
 that a smile could bring
 beating the illuminations  in a swing
 enhancing the soul to a brim
 dispelling the total grim
next time you see a flower
 try to capture her smily flavour
 Well, she smiles forever
 as long as she be in a blossom
 enchantingly the flower is awesome.

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The Girl In The Terrace.

the girl in a terrace.The smile litting up  the face
she was sitting on the terrace
looking around with a gaze
chuckling to herself with a grace..

What was the smile about?
what was she doing in the terrace?
wanted to call her with a shout
contained myself in a firm stout.

She still remained there with a broad grin
very much atop the terrace
she looking pale and thin
very much away from the din.

That much is enough for the day
standing all alone in the terrace
cried from down is that the way?
Yes she smiled with a gripping sway.

Not able to withstand from below
hopping and jumping reached the terrace
gave a sound from deep hollow
asking her to come back in a follow.

She turned behind and stood straight
not a step away from the terrace
bidding me to take the steps right
ordering me to vanish from her sight.


Pink And Blue.

Girls like pink
boys love blue
Pink and blue
dominate every buy.
The dress is pink
school bag pink
pencil pink
and everything pink
cries my pink little girl.
Blue is not for me
it is for boys
and turns not on blue.
She touches not blue
anything blue is for her brother.
Seeing the waters blue
in the sea of blue
she exclaims and gasps
so much water for my brother.
Know not what to say
She soon gets over it
pointing to beds of flowers pink
it is all for me.
A quick reconciliation
and a quick smile
make blue and pink
very delightful colours.

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