Poetry thoughts

My Advice to You.

Those around you

look at you

one with a bond

another with a taunt

one with a smile

another with a vile

the  looks are not the same

they could blame

else they would stare

with a flare

be they around you

each one have their rue

rely not on them  in all

accept not their every call

be yourself as always

never give out even in a trace

the inner self and mind

they would pull you in a bind

this be my advice to you

go ahead without a clue.




A Man Of Vile

He  is a man of vilek6047965.jpg

a man of no style

who brags a lot

knows not the slot

nor could reach the spot

being invited for a mediation

happily accepts the solicitation

passes comment as if in a fraction

as  he minces his words while he talks

while his voice is akin to a bark

none could find in him a spark

yet he pronounces his verdict

which bears no ethics.





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The Insidious Impact.

Waters do meet in the ocean,

Lands do track down in a traction,

Wind do blow in a friction,

Men  do set themselves in a session,

Captioning it  as a delightful Conviction.


Rivers have a natural flow,

Lands generally have lovely row,

Winds usually have a gentle blow,

Men hardly go about in a toe.

Deleting justice to an  ultimate  slow.


Waters flood once a while,

Lands slips during the rainy file

Winds storm in occasional  trial,

Men exhibit guile all the while,

Seeking to challenge truth in a vile.


Nature takes on the cyclic course,

In no mean terms, though with force,

Men  go for back stabs in a morose,

Oh! they are the  actors with high resource.









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Strategies Of Man

Man excels in vile and vices,

His moves enunciate sizzling guises

His talks elaborate biting dices,

His motives deliver evil exercises

 His remarks inflict bloody bruises,

His behaviour reflects  strangling devices,

Breaking the most innocent  to pieces,

Shattering the most gentle to glitches,

Forcibly dumping  the most beautiful into horrible  ditches.