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Nemesis Strikes

Nemesis is powerful
never did I believe.

It is, I am convinced.

Leaves, not the one
who speaks
nor the one who commits.

Strikes with a force
then and there.


The Flow of The River.

Likewise the river flows
so wise and clever
flows she with no stop
stopped she for no reason
reason be not well-riverknown
known for her steadfastness
fast she runs in force
forcefully she exists
exists she all the year
the year of rain
rain falls in excess
excessive in the catchment
the catch being profuse
as profuse as the bounty
bounteous she looks
a look with a beam and pride
a pride in the right sense
sensible and excellent.


The acceleration of the swings

that be from one end to other

with the westerlies picking up force

the rains playing truant  all the while

perceiving a big violence  all over

with the trees going to and fro

as if in their speed the roots would come up

that being a situation alarming

the land seemed to shake with a shiver

where everything else looks imbalanced

the cries of animals godownload (48) unheard

as they say the animals know

and predict the vagaries of weather

man in his closeted privacy

does not pay heed to the sounds of these animals

who get a premonition

that something distraught is on the way.



Unknown Device.

The wish of few gets fulfilled
while the wish of many get dished.
The few are supposed to be lucky
with things getting accomplished
The rest are considered unfortunate
as they could not go by their intention.
This is how the world views
and this is how the men think.
Beyond this superficial appeals
there are many great devices behind
that act and react with a purpose
giving out a responsible answer
and emphatically calling out
the reasons for such projections.unknown force

Rains Thrash

Rains do play havoc
The one which is so sweet
turns unpleasant
That is true in all things
with rains bestowing prosperity
and destroying extensively
bringing misfortune
and loss of life
all in one go
while thrashing heavily.
Rains fallnews_12_8_2011_17 with force
drenching the areas
flooding the rivers
gets into the houses
pulls along with it
men and things
irrespective of their status
It happens in a flash
and the thrash
devours the whole
in a gulp sole
leaving everyone aghast
and everything ghastly.