The Source Over Thought

With a source so little
with thoughts  being extensive
both the source and thoughts
being at loggerheads
he attempting to coordinate
the monetary part of his cycle
with the metaphysical one
a job too tough to fuse
forcing him to infuse
a strict measure in the schedule
a slight deviation and an include
would  land him in trouble
as of always the mercenary part
overpowering the imaginary clout
the mind coming out of the blue
allowing the heart to sink with a glue
that has always been a story  in the mould
that be true,scientists-find-one-source-of-prayers-power_1significant  and gold


The Impertinence

Annoyed at impertinence 

I sat in a corner

gazing at the sky

with my mind at vie.


The battle of wits

as it would go

gave a severe blow

while the mind fell  apart.


The atrocity was overwhelming

The man being paid

exceeding the prescribed  limit

made the heart  sad.


He taking for granted

went up and down

being discourteous   to his chief

incurring the wrath  in brief.


The coterie which surrounds him

unknowing of his status

inflates  his ego so high

making him tall and sly.


Time has come to circumscribe

putting Impertinence him under control

if not he has to be chucked out

lest he would pose a thorn throughout.










Unknown Device.

The wish of few gets fulfilled
while the wish of many get dished.
The few are supposed to be lucky
with things getting accomplished
The rest are considered unfortunate
as they could not go by their intention.
This is how the world views
and this is how the men think.
Beyond this superficial appeals
there are many great devices behind
that act and react with a purpose
giving out a responsible answer
and emphatically calling out
the reasons for such projections.unknown force


Six Organs Of You

Organs make up a living being,

Eyes do the seeing,

Ears open to the hearing,

Nose loves smelling,

Mouth has two dealings,

That of eating and talking,

Hands do the performing,

Foot enables wandering.

Eyes ears and nose  are all but free,

Mouth ,hands and foot  are the three,

That  succumb to  man’s spree,

Making him grow up like a tree,

Both in abstract and virtual glee,

Driving him  busy like a bee,

Finally placing  him in a desperate flee.

It is best to control all the six,

Though  it is difficult to fix

While the vision  flicks,

As the  smell tricks,

Then the hearing  clicks, 

All the three act as though in fits,

Reckoning  a flashy duel in ticks

Elaborating  a macro of the micro in a glitz.

The mouth engages in a rolling speed,

Splicing up the fragments into a deed,

Hands do  rob and feed,

Implicating a good and a nasty  lead,

The feet saunters through the  less tread,

Implying a not so  trendy  breed,

Installing a homogeneous bleed,

Fostering a disenchantment throughout the creed.