The Source Over Thought

With a source so little
with thoughts  being extensive
both the source and thoughts
being at loggerheads
he attempting to coordinate
the monetary part of his cycle
with the metaphysical one
a job too tough to fuse
forcing him to infuse
a strict measure in the schedule
a slight deviation and an include
would  land him in trouble
as of always the mercenary part
overpowering the imaginary clout
the mind coming out of the blue
allowing the heart to sink with a glue
that has always been a story  in the mould
that be true,scientists-find-one-source-of-prayers-power_1significant  and gold


The Show

The shows get exciting

when there be a keen competition

bringing  in a source of inspiration

that should not border on a compelling

whether they be forceful or voluntary

there ought to be a preparation

basic and practice to perfection

rehearsed many a more time

then put up on stage

that too before a large audience

who make up the knowledgeable

and also the lay men

coming to witness the performance

for  an enjoyment and relish

as well for  an acquisition of wealth

never in the form of mundane and monetary

but one of great enthrallment.

and an experience of exaltation

that should be the motivation

that be the drive behind

any attempt to showcase

recitals  of merit and credit.


Actions Poem

Out Of The Rut

Nothing to do
makes me do something.
Something to do
makes me do everything
and I become tied up
once again to the mundane
unable to get out
from the rut.

Actions analogue Poem

Poetry –Ecstasy And Mundane

mundaneEcstasy is an exhilaration
away from logical reason
far away from experiences common.

If ecstasy alone goes to make poetry
the poem would be an offing of incredibility
bordering on surrealism undoubtedly.

Poetry is emotion and feeling spontaneous
that had undergone a cycling rigorous
expressed with tune and tone delicious..

Happenings presented in a plain current
are prosaic and dull exposing a brunt
being a matter of fact without any adherent.

Incidents sung with little add ups
of colour and rhyme to top up
go to make up poetry in a gallop.

That which is mundane
could be made poetically sane
with rhythm in the refrain.

As poetry is the song of the heart
ecstasy and mundane set about
keying in an imaginative support.

Actions Default Experience feelings Interpretation mundane thoughts

The Causeway.

causewayMundane denotes anything material.
It goes about in an arterial.
Circling round the terrestrial.
Carrying attitudes referral.
Calling for actions imperial.

Material has overtaken the majority.
It stipulates a certain tenacity
while displaying a curiosity
It lures all to a willing generosity
endorsing a significant velocity.

The majority go forward in a strange note.
Initiating a peculiar quote.
They express an invincible forte.
Presenting a delectable clout.
Enamouring everyone to a remarkable afloat.

The strange note leads them to a destination
unknown to those in the restitution
unfamiliar to those in the restoration.
It organises a scenario of retribution
Instilling faith and staunch determination.

Actions Age Economy Experience feelings learning Lesson Life Looks Love subscriptions thoughts True

A Lovely Exchange.

It was an exchange,

Neither dealing with currency in  a range.

Nor involving a barter all the same.


It was an exchange,

Away from the economy in a range,

Far  away from the mundane all the same.


It was an exchange.

Across the deep blue ocean in a range,

Covering thousands of kilometers  all the same.


It was an exchange,

Where age did not come into the range,

Where affection stood above  all the same.


It was an exchange ,

Where the grandson poured out his thoughts in a range,

Where the grandmother listened mesmerised all the same.


Then it is not an exchange,

You might  blindly say in a range,

Yet it was sharing of feelings in a manner strange.