Out In A Stretch

Out in a stretch
there was a sketch
that was drawn so well
as it revealed a great tell.
It was a lively fetch
that was brought with outstretchexaltation
showing the greatness in the beat
that being so lovely and upbeat.

The picture looked beautiful in all
with scenes well designed in a call
it was an embellishment real and great
a source of amazement at a rate.

The exaltation knew no bounds
as it had gone on many rounds
with the mirth booming high
the excitement got caught in a tie.


The Show

The shows get exciting

when there be a keen competition

bringing  in a source of inspiration

that should not border on a compelling

whether they be forceful or voluntary

there ought to be a preparation

basic and practice to perfection

rehearsed many a more time

then put up on stage

that too before a large audience

who make up the knowledgeable

and also the lay men

coming to witness the performance

for  an enjoyment and relish

as well for  an acquisition of wealth

never in the form of mundane and monetary

but one of great enthrallment.

and an experience of exaltation

that should be the motivation

that be the drive behind

any attempt to showcase

recitals  of merit and credit.