Birds, Rain, Water.

The birds are up with vigour
after a gap of half a year
happy to see them make noise
chirp they do with delightful choice
chatter they engage with cheer

The call of the black bird invigorates.
The crow’s caw sends an alert.
while the cock’s cockle doodle do
wakes up the people to the morning glow
with that the world has set its stage.

The birds are messengers in a way
they epitomize the growth straightaway
with the spread of seeds all through
cross the pollination in their flew.
as they fly all around with mirth and joy.

The cause of their arrival all in a sudden
should be a reason to revel with no burden
it is the rains that be the reason
that which poured without any treason
released a wonderful scenario in ebullience.

Water is the life-giver in truebirds sense.
It is a provider of all prosperity in trend.
Without it the world could not pull on
A scarcity would end up in a doom.
Well, that should never be allowed all through.


The Source Over Thought

With a source so little
with thoughts  being extensive
both the source and thoughts
being at loggerheads
he attempting to coordinate
the monetary part of his cycle
with the metaphysical one
a job too tough to fuse
forcing him to infuse
a strict measure in the schedule
a slight deviation and an include
would  land him in trouble
as of always the mercenary part
overpowering the imaginary clout
the mind coming out of the blue
allowing the heart to sink with a glue
that has always been a story  in the mould
that be true,scientists-find-one-source-of-prayers-power_1significant  and gold


The Water .

The water flows through

going into  drains and holes

flushing the dirt with a prove

an extension on the whole

as  the deficit of it would  stagnate

the rubbish with an expensive toll

charging the survival with a pollute

spreading disease in an epidemic

causing an enormous  havoc

destroying the living

annihilating the vegetation

leaving a void and vacuum

extremely dangerous  to mankind.water







Burning The Midnight Oil

Burning the midnight oil
a famous idiom of toil
gets now altered with electricity
that is found not in cities
but in every available soil
while it is becoming a boil
ever costlier in alacrity
turning to alternative coils
that of solar and wind in gritty
while the solar is gaining loyalty
the wind has proved its credence
but none could beat the powerful semblance
released primarily by electrical power
with much ease facilitating a cover
great and wide encompassing the area
with full supply alternatedoil lamp with appropriate idea
The world is in the look out for resources
cheap and perineal almost falling on solar source
which is found in abundance but has to be streamlined
so as to enable a distribution uniform not out of line

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A Baby Sleeps

A little baby is lying in a cradle,

 She is making  noises in a babble,

Her cries are calls a little feeble,

She mostly lets out a giggle.


The baby is like a dainty rose,

Tiny appears her fingers and toes,

Her face enlightens all those,

Her smile ensues a lovely glow.


Soon her eyes gently close,

She sucks her thumb in a doze,

  As her charm increasingly grows,

Opening out to all an ecstatic source.


It is a pleasure to see her sleep,

Her light slumber is not deep,

She gets startled at a tiny beep,

Forcing a stealthy silence in a creep.


Peeping over the cradle for long,

Sends a tranquil vibration all along,

Sets the mind at peace not wrong,

Makes the heart sing a merry song.


It is a pleasure unexplainable,

It is a leisure unfathomable,

Oh!Is not my verse lovable?

Nay,it is the  way the baby sleeps  is enjoyable.