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The solar Energy

The rays of the sun keep falling
with a shine and bind
that enhances the growth
pushing a photosynthetic activity
a great way to expand
and a great means to exhibit
the sun being the giver of light
also contributes to the life
with the sunlight there be benefits
innumerable difficult to enumerate
that be of supplements of vitamins
adds to the rejuvenation
there also be a fund of other outcomes
that go in to make the sun the largest provider
let that be so in the run  mostly I assure
now there comes another product from the sun
the solar energy that would bring marvel
as the dependence on man-made supplies getting defunct

The Water .

The water flows through

going into  drains and holes

flushing the dirt with a prove

an extension on the whole

as  the deficit of it would  stagnate

the rubbish with an expensive toll

charging the survival with a pollute

spreading disease in an epidemic

causing an enormous  havoc

destroying the living

annihilating the vegetation

leaving a void and vacuum

extremely dangerous  to mankind.water






The Rains

Rain is  a divine  source,

It is a lovely resource,

Getting it abated while in force,

Is a task beyond recourse.

Seeing it flow in a natural course,

Is a sight beyond morose.


Rain is a delight,

When they fall light,

Filling the rivers in volumes right,

Running through the fields in flow slight,

Bringing in fertility and growth in a flight,

Producing a rich bountiful sight.


Rain is a  fear,

When they pour torrential dear,

Causing a spate  out of gear,

Sinking the land  below the rear,

Trampling the ripe stock to rot near,

Implying a  tone of gory ghastly cheer.


Well,rain is both giver and taker,

It extends a fortune to the  noble receiver,

It devastates the very spirit of the destroyer,

A note of caution is sounded to whomsoever,

While accepting the endowment with fervour,

Advocating truth in faith and practice altogether.