A Voice For Poetry

Everything said there be a point

that needs the best  follow-up

discreetly left from notice

that kept haunting me all over

prompted by many to speak it out

kept quiet all time  in silence

watching the happenings in rapt  attention

surprised to see  the  hub and the excitement

being the need of hour is not that

but a serious consideration of what to be added

each one shouting  with fervour

wanting to be heard in the milieu

letting off the vital and the realism

that confounds the topic in discussion

with that I stood up

and in my usual soft yet stern voice

that which should be includes is not

what all of you are crying foul

it is poetry that should get the priority

as it being a voice of the most creative person

coming out with a speed and spur

putting out in style the mechanism

that would seem to lack interest

if not for this vehicle.



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More, More

The word “more” makes you ponder.

More of anything is sacramental rather.

Desiring  more is greed so ever.

Eating more is gluttony ever.

Drinking more is a vice forever.

Talking more is an insensible prattle moreover.

Working hard  is  an oppression in terms ever.

Fuming with anger  is a crime whatsoever.

Passively  patient is a negative virtue  forever.

“More” jacks up greed with fervour.

“More” packs up values in a savour.

“More ” has more inferences than the eyes could rover.

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The Rains

Rain is  a divine  source,

It is a lovely resource,

Getting it abated while in force,

Is a task beyond recourse.

Seeing it flow in a natural course,

Is a sight beyond morose.


Rain is a delight,

When they fall light,

Filling the rivers in volumes right,

Running through the fields in flow slight,

Bringing in fertility and growth in a flight,

Producing a rich bountiful sight.


Rain is a  fear,

When they pour torrential dear,

Causing a spate  out of gear,

Sinking the land  below the rear,

Trampling the ripe stock to rot near,

Implying a  tone of gory ghastly cheer.


Well,rain is both giver and taker,

It extends a fortune to the  noble receiver,

It devastates the very spirit of the destroyer,

A note of caution is sounded to whomsoever,

While accepting the endowment with fervour,

Advocating truth in faith and practice altogether.