Patience Is A virtue.

With the right turn
she went away
getting hurt
and badly beaten
by the remarks and tease.
She, being genial
got along in cordial
never rubbing anyone
on the wrong side
Taking care in extremes
smiling at all in pleasant
talking in terms cool
behaving with elegance.
Unfortunately she got
a treatment bad
and a deride sad
making her reject everyone.
This being the first time
she expressed her displeasure
and made a walkout
to show her protest.
Patience is a virtue no doubt
But excess of it becomes a vice .


Actions Anger Poem silence


Ssilenceilence is golden is the saying.
It is a contradiction in the upswing
Keeping your mouth shut is not a virtue.
likely you resemble more of a statue.
Arming yourself with words for defence
will not at any cost bring you offence.
Where greed and competition get the best.
muting your voice will put you to test.
When evil and lies surge up to the front.
sitting tight-lipped will bring you brunt.
In this era this adage has been put to test
when all things good or bad demands a protest.

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Had She Been Or Had Not She Been?

HamletHad she be born in a different state.
Had not she been born in her community.
Had she been like her five siblings.
Had not she been soft by nature.
Had she been wedded into a reputed family.
Had not she been forced to come out of it by virtue.
Had she been a little authoritative and demanding.
Had not she been languishing in fear and trial.
Had she been firm and vociferous.
Had not she been accommodative and demur.
Had she been independent and strong.
Had not she been too much docile and friendly.
Had she been an active performer..
Had not she been a silent spectator.
Had she been decided on realising her ambition.
Had not she been too involved in raising her children.
Had she been successful in winning her share.
Had not she been crest fallen to have lost her rights
Had she been a hard nut to crack.
Had not she been flexible to the other’s call.
Had she been serious of her pursuits.
Had not she been thinking of her disputes .
She would have become a writer of standing.
She could have clinched many an award of fame.
It is had she been and had not she been in a Hamletian trace.


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More, More

The word “more” makes you ponder.

More of anything is sacramental rather.

Desiring  more is greed so ever.

Eating more is gluttony ever.

Drinking more is a vice forever.

Talking more is an insensible prattle moreover.

Working hard  is  an oppression in terms ever.

Fuming with anger  is a crime whatsoever.

Passively  patient is a negative virtue  forever.

“More” jacks up greed with fervour.

“More” packs up values in a savour.

“More ” has more inferences than the eyes could rover.

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The Accusation.

There was a bang next door.

Something fell on a floor.

Other things flew out of the door.

Certain others flew in a soar.

Every other thing was in fours.


The shrieks ranted the air.

The shouts lay everything bare.

There was nothing to share.

There was no one to care.

It was a terrible blare.


“It is you ,you”,  accused a voice in anger

“Not me, me,”sobbed the other in a whisper. 

The dialogue was converted into a slander. 

The exchange was disgracefully vulgar.

The incident did not propose a healthy augur.


The storm died down with an intermittent intervention.

The intrusion became a hapless, weak contravention.

The go back would be a shameful digression.

A physical abjure would have been a better proposition.

Alas! the wordy abuse was an incisive demonstration.

Actions Default Experience Speech thoughts turmoil

An Allowance

Organising  a set up around,

Needs a skill

Tracking a deviation around,

Needs an extra skill,

Listening to a speech  long,

Needs patience,

Appreciating the content prolonged,

Needs extra patience,

Reading a write-up superficial,

Needs tolerance,

Closing up to the matter artificial,

Needs extra tolerance,

Comprehending concepts insensible,

Needs virtue,

Spreading themes indecent,

Needs extra virtue,

Bashing forcefully through the subjects,

Needs a firm allowance.




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A Paragon

A big stout  black white cow,

Grazes on a  lush green meadow,

Beneath a shady   brown bough,

Lazily  munches  the  shrub yellow.

A virtuous colourful  glow






  Bestowed with  a dazzling milky white flow,

 That  nourishes many a fellow,

By Supplementing  a buttery glow,

 And  Complementing  a  cheesy  show,

Endowed with a nectar aglow.











Moves across the pastures slow,

 Loiters along the hedges low,

 Gracefully mumbling a mow,

 Demurely walks  to the shed  in a row,

  Gleefully  expecting gains no.






A rare entity to find  now,

An innocence hard to sow,

A sublimity ever to grow,

A celestial being on toe,

That is all I know