Poetry stoicism

First And Final Indeed

An expectation thereon
could become a reality
if the trend goes on
it would result in prosperity.

The wait is a kill
needs a tolerance
if one cannot be still
there would be a difference.

An endurance with patience
would bring glory
Well, then the sustenance
would never be sorry.

A stoicism would help
the resolute would succeed
so it should be a step
first and final indeed.o-MANAGING-EXPECTATIONS-facebook


Mother And Son.

Mother keeps saying 

she is not partial

but the children keep saying

that she is. very partial.


Not denying the fact  some mothers do

when they have wealth

giving more to one in a go

and less to other in stealth .


A mother with no means

cannot do injustice by course

Knowing that the children by all means

kill her by bargaining  her too much by force.


Making her suffer  much

as she feels desolate

wanting to die greatly as such

before the destined period in isolation.


As she  at a point of time

gets  unable to endure

wishing to die before her time

as it is an even pacifier, and leveler  true.mother-and-son-fighting


Actions Anger break deride Experience fall Lesson Life silence subscriptions Theory thoughts turmoil

The Accusation.

There was a bang next door.

Something fell on a floor.

Other things flew out of the door.

Certain others flew in a soar.

Every other thing was in fours.


The shrieks ranted the air.

The shouts lay everything bare.

There was nothing to share.

There was no one to care.

It was a terrible blare.


“It is you ,you”,  accused a voice in anger

“Not me, me,”sobbed the other in a whisper. 

The dialogue was converted into a slander. 

The exchange was disgracefully vulgar.

The incident did not propose a healthy augur.


The storm died down with an intermittent intervention.

The intrusion became a hapless, weak contravention.

The go back would be a shameful digression.

A physical abjure would have been a better proposition.

Alas! the wordy abuse was an incisive demonstration.