Mother And Son.

Mother keeps saying 

she is not partial

but the children keep saying

that she is. very partial.


Not denying the fact  some mothers do

when they have wealth

giving more to one in a go

and less to other in stealth .


A mother with no means

cannot do injustice by course

Knowing that the children by all means

kill her by bargaining  her too much by force.


Making her suffer  much

as she feels desolate

wanting to die greatly as such

before the destined period in isolation.


As she  at a point of time

gets  unable to endure

wishing to die before her time

as it is an even pacifier, and leveler  true.mother-and-son-fighting



Caution Of The Day.

The rush up towards north today
with the hope of accomplishing a task in a day
as it looked very promising and attractive yesterday
thinking it would get through at any cost by the day
came to a not so alluring ending as expected this day.
It was half complete and reached the middle in mid day
wherein an apprehension surged up unexpectedly over the day
with doubts rising in a familiarity across the day
Not to overshadow the suspicion that arouse later in the day
left it as such till it gets cleared day by day
not by force or entreaty through the days
but allowing it to explain the merit not in a day
as in the long run it would have to would endure against the days
and withstand all allegations from today to future days
dispersing the suspicions as baseless as in most days.accomplishing

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A Slice Of The Day

Late in the evening there was a mad rush.
The movement was so heavy it caused a crush.
The travellers were making a lot of fuss.
running helter skelter in distracted hush.

Clambered into the right train at last train

The train puffed and puffed as it moved out of the station
A pleasant breeze gushed through the window’s crosssection.
Sleep knocked down the eyes to a complete inert disposition.
The head nodded vigorously to the train’s speed like a doll in an exhibition.

An hour later the train reached the destination.
The commuters with their baggage got out of the station.
They made their way to their homes in utter exhaustion.
This was every day happening for them without any relaxation.


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Sleep Over

Panic fills the mind,

Depression sets fine,

Disappointment is the new find,

What more is in line?

Squeaks the voice from the hind.


Many more are on the way,

Much more  would cross,

Wait for the eventual sway,

A prediction is there for a furthermore loss,

Warns the forecast of the day.


A sleep over is the trick at hand,

Let everything pass in a slow motion.

Watch the turmoil from a distant stand,

Show no rush to reach  the  destination,

Prompts the theory of a reputed brand.


Deferring the decisions to a period late,

Might look as a procrastination sure,

It is time required to seal the fate,

A reprieve needed to think and endure,

Confesses a solution provider in a voice great.