The Ups and Downs

The ups and downs

keeps one tied down

happy to see the rise

sad to experience the fall .


A climb up is  a struggle

hard work marks it

a slide down is easy

many factors  go to make it .


Expenditure over revenue

a happy go lucky attitude

misfortune the least

contribute to failures.


All of us know

pay no attention

till the going is good

make merry and spend.


As the tides turn  back

the results show a negative

the fear grips  slowly

grief strikes quickly.


Similar to the  waves

a progress in the run

a retrieve without fun

day in day out it happens.


The river flows undisturbed

the sea roars unmoved

the life  goes on likewise

with a ripple and a furore.














instruction map miss Poetry

My Day Out.

it is a long gap

well, in a swap

travelled with a map

noted the directions

drove across

missed every instruction

I lost the way and crossed

not one or two traffic signals

past many without a pause

took the way diagonal

went through the same road

not once or twice

got stiffly bored

this is seen in all my tries

decided to give up

wish to stay at home

as usual with a tea cup

am not fit  to qvw51xirhtsljei4yuo5roam.


A Big Temple


There is a big temple 

on a space ample 

I could see a trample 

 it looks as a  a gamble 

to move in an amble 

the sanctum is unreachable

 the deity gleams  adorable

negotiated through the jumble 

almost with a fumble 

prayed in the ensemble 

peace descended i a preamble.








Never believe in sorcery
never be tied up to superstition
these was my thoughts all the way
now I give in with distraction.

The change is by experience
seen through all these days
a drastic turn of events with relevance
quite unexpected and unbelievable in a way.

Wisdom has succumbed to perjury
Connivance gets through easily
along with witchcraft causes injury
the doom descends with a swiftness swiftly.

I did neglect sorcery initially
ignored them best for reasons
they are only illusions practically
but now I do believe the existence. sorcery


The Day Being Beautiful

A beautiful day it is
started it with a kiss
it is heavenly bliss
to relax and languish
then savour lot of dish
chirp and taste with a hiss

It is a blessed day
spend the time in gay
in a place far away
near to the bay
hands fully drenched in clay
a lively wonderful play.

It is relaxation all over
just an aimless hover
beneath the bower
with a walk enjoying the shower
mild it is without power
an experience of a lover.

As a day it is great
a delightful state
the sun shines till late
a liveliness not of hate
a synergy in a rate
an enjoyment till date.lovly day


Beautiful and Lovely

Beautiful refers to the looks alone
lovely corresponds to the whole
this being the inference I read just now
How far is it exact?
I do not know.

Beautiful is an impression
it being a something extra ordinary
not only the features in particular
being also the surroundings altogether
this being so of a scenery in all.

Beautiful is an exclamation
while seeing a person or architectural marvel
that which captures the eye in particular
captivating the spirit altogether
being an indication of exaltation.

Lovely, imagesFPY8M5S1they say is an endearing quality
need not point out to the looks alone
being focused on a lively interaction
a charm in speech and behaviour
that being also felt not seen.

Lovely, is one that officiates an affection
coming from the depth of the heart
being very intense and significant
getting through the whole being with rapture
being a process of enchantment

There being s subtle difference , no doubt
with beautiful and lovely being both imagesV4BZJ89Abreath-taking
a desire to see once again being predominant
that both these words connote to a qualification
that being sublime and unique in the presence.


Frailty Thy name Is Woman

Frailty thy  name is woman

says Shakespeare  with a relevance

Is there any frailty in a woman?

quoth I with also a relevance

as I find from my experience

very much minor compared to the bard

that woman is by far  the most consistent

having no shortcomings in the follow

never once do they change

nor do they succumb to weakness

What made the great Man to say so?

I ponder and wonder

that  be the version of the bard

spoken out of his personal experience

Yes, anyone be him big or small

goes by his  thought and feeling

that be the outcome of his  jaunt .




The Break And After.

It being a post  by sea mail

from the coastal town

where she had gone for holiday

with the feel of joy in a way

calling her friends  from abroad

asking  about them without fail

she being away far away

yet wants to be with the crowd all day

calling them and skype-ing them

talking to them  in a mood  gay

that makes me think

why did she fly out for a break

would have been with them in take

than spending huge sum over a holiday

yet  wanting images (75) to be with them all day.



Living Near The Beach

being alongside the beach

with the waves roaring near

the wind striking your face

with a salty gush

while your hair starts flying

the dress takes its swing

walking on the sand

with the feet getting into the land

there be a feel   assuaging

there be a steal defending

one of great content and satisfaction

the other being that of exaltation

an exhilaration that abounds

that be the benefit of living near the sea,images (69)



A Meet And A Tale.

Met one of my friend yesterday

She was talking to me all through the day.

Telling me of her experiences good and bitter

where the worst exceeded the better

feeling sad for what  has gone through

she felt totally let out true.


Having gone through such periods

she could not resist any more tedious

as she has suffered  very greatly

with people pulling her down unexpectedly

desperate she sounded  and angry she was

knew not how to console her as she saw a loss.


A year ago she asked a reference

being a close relative of mine in defence

I could not spill out the beans

but told her in subtle means

which she never took it serious

finally it turned sour and ominous.


Yesterday she told me  the tale of woe

felt sorry for  having taken my words so low

said that  the relative behaved so badly

being very cheap and  miserly.experiences sad

and she also incurred  monetary  shortfall

which remains unclaimed  in a call