Bringing Up Children

bringing up children

Spend more time with your children

that would be for a promise

looking after them with care

would prove to be a bliss.

Spend time not money on them

as the attention you devote necessarily

hastens in a great progress definitely

that would be an achievement in the float.

Spending money on them and on their wish

could lead them to a growth phenomenal

being like a cat on the wall watching deliberately

aiming on a rise or a slip into a fall.

The extravaganza you put forth

putting them in expensive boarding schools

pulls them off from you two-fold

creating a distance in proximity and affection.

Pampering them with largess in all

Settling them in comforts in full

reposes them in a faith untoward

they not knowing the reality in an entertain.

That be the way to bring up children

monitoring them closely yet away

being not an expense too much nor too little

a balanced juxtaposition that would delight.


The Break And After.

It being a post  by sea mail

from the coastal town

where she had gone for holiday

with the feel of joy in a way

calling her friends  from abroad

asking  about them without fail

she being away far away

yet wants to be with the crowd all day

calling them and skype-ing them

talking to them  in a mood  gay

that makes me think

why did she fly out for a break

would have been with them in take

than spending huge sum over a holiday

yet  wanting images (75) to be with them all day.



The Crackers Explode.

The bursting of crackers all day 

 seem to be a noisy affair in a way

deafening the ears all through

frightening the babies greatly in a rue

disturbing the elderly to a fright

creating an unpleasantness straight

with fumes and smoke rising up high

polluting the  environment  to a die

what do they actually do?

just a blare and a blast

sometimes with sparkles to last

other times a rise and fall

with a  drastic haul

pulling the sky down beneath

raising the earth  up in a sheath

with incidents of fatal injury

burns  to a great degree

Well ! there be an atom of thrill

keeping us in a happy fill

but nothing beyond that

a wasteful expenditure  in short.11926503-diwali-crackers











Facilitating  gets ahead with a choice

as how to do it well in poise

helping the one with great ease

doing it with little or no  fees

becoming a  business gradually

coordinating and linking gift eventually

taking pains to deliver on time

holding a risk  at times

satisfying the receiver and the giver

as mercy is twice blest altogether

facilitation is double-edged  in truth

going by the transactions in faith

any fall out  would bring heart burns

spoiling the relations  in turns

A careful handling itself becomes expensive

as it involves great care in the defensive.




Days Fly BY

The days flydays fly in such speed
that before we rise up
and get along the day disappears.
Why is the day in such a hurry?
Thinking of that for a moment
as much time could not be spared
because the day closes up quick
I found out that he day has grown impatient
with us lazy guys spending time as we wish
and taking the day for granted
not paying attention to its existence
not giving its due credit
antagonized by our behaviour
the day comes and goes in such velocity
In a way it is doing its duty perfectly
whilst we procrastinate, delay and drag
as we want and as we think at its expense.

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When Would People Learn?


Birthdays are for kids many affirm.


Weddings bind  two people say


Sixtieth  celebrations  are for the middle-aged nowadays


Eightieth function  are for the old mostly .


Cenetenary are for the lucky few.


Every one irrespective of age indulge in ostentation nowadays


Functions come one after another compelling attendance,


They demand  presentations and gifts


They enforce  hours of chit chatting,


 Thus inviting more trouble than cordiality,


When would all these become a private affair?


When would all these attain an austerity?


When would people learn?





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The Seashell

Lying along the sea sands ,

In various shapes and brands,

In different colours and bands,

The seashells take a valuable stand.



They are exo – skeletons of   invertebrates,

Gathered by collectors  who are vertebrates,

Shell clubs or societies review the affiliates,

Exhibit them in a museum  to celebrate.


The shanka is a sacred symbol of  Vishnu in Hinduism,

The chank  plays an important role in Buddhism,

Scallop shell is the symbol of Saint  James in Christianism,

Rendering a gracious  significance to spiritualism.


Seashells were used as currency  money

They were deployed as tools  shiny,

They served as musical instruments  windy,

The beautiful Mother Of  Pearl belong to this family.



Shell necklaces were found in Stone Age,

Shells  drilled become beads at this stage,

Rings ,combs ,brooches and badges ,

Are artfully done with a precision gauge.



Worthiness lies not in expensive treats,

Shells are skeleton of the dead retreats,

Some are costlier than diamond  beats,

Though found in random at the shore seats.