August From Caeser

August is a lovely month
though being eighth month
a number repelled by many
it has a pleasantness
that none other months possess.
In arid regions it is moderate
In the cold countries
it is the most beautiful
with flowers colourful
and weather fair full of warmth.
The hemispheres north and south
do have temperate climate
as August deals out in rate
an august cordiality
with a whistling of breeze softly
along with rains pouring gently
like showers lively and sleek
while the sun plays hide and seek
as the children all over the world
play out imbibing lot of wealth untold
through sunshine and fresh air
which enhances their colour to fair
boosting their energy and stamina
as they extend an array of vitamin
that make them cherubic and robust.
Then name derived from great Augustus CaeAugustusAugustser
August extols an immaculate pleasure.

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When Would People Learn?


Birthdays are for kids many affirm.


Weddings bind  two people say


Sixtieth  celebrations  are for the middle-aged nowadays


Eightieth function  are for the old mostly .


Cenetenary are for the lucky few.


Every one irrespective of age indulge in ostentation nowadays


Functions come one after another compelling attendance,


They demand  presentations and gifts


They enforce  hours of chit chatting,


 Thus inviting more trouble than cordiality,


When would all these become a private affair?


When would all these attain an austerity?


When would people learn?