The Culmination Of Attitudes

Every day is new

with the morn you are born

with the night you sleep

that be not eternal


The days are special for their goodness

each one having an attribution

that be of birthdays, anniversaries

independence and valentine.


The assumption that these days

carry an influence and joy

takes the cue wrong

being a belief not strong.


Could not all days be a celebration?

radiating mirth and joy

ruminating with kindness and love

sounds a tall claim anyhow.


All days propose a task

the completion releases an achievement

the attainment ushers a salvation

ending up in a culmination of attitudes



Birthdays Every Year.

Celebrations   all through life

with birthdays coming every year

praying to God for extra yearshomams

well , what to say at the age of sixty

that being a  little more understandable

as now intense prayers for extension

goes ahead at the age of seventy

followed by eighty, ninety and hundred

not in a duration of a decade

but going by every year from sixty

and even before the age of that

with the fifty-eight, fifty-nine

going to temples and conducting poojas

with homams and abhishekams

inviting relatives and friends

laying the table and throwing out a feast

not for lunch but for days together

making people sit and watch the religious function

has become the fashion  in my part of India

where people’s greed has become extraneous

wanting to become immortal  and prosperous

and enjoy the life altogether  with a longevity









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When Would People Learn?


Birthdays are for kids many affirm.


Weddings bind  two people say


Sixtieth  celebrations  are for the middle-aged nowadays


Eightieth function  are for the old mostly .


Cenetenary are for the lucky few.


Every one irrespective of age indulge in ostentation nowadays


Functions come one after another compelling attendance,


They demand  presentations and gifts


They enforce  hours of chit chatting,


 Thus inviting more trouble than cordiality,


When would all these become a private affair?


When would all these attain an austerity?


When would people learn?