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A Day Without A Write

Yesterday a day without a write

could not track anything in sight

totally took everything light

missed the usual flight

did everything with a respite

an unusual attitude  of slight

went away from the  path straight

took the easiest one in the right

not actually the way I do

yet yesterday passed so.







The Evolution Of Man.

A man with limited means
not had gone to school in his teens
with very little knowledge of anything
with a deficit behavioural inkling
calls himself an investment wizard
his voice rustles like a blizzard
shrieking high at times
grunting low most times
it be a babble of sounds
too little a time it drowns
talks with an articulation
emphasizes with a gestation
the man I have seen for long
say a forty years, not wrong
lived in all humility in the early years
turned greedy and a liar in the middle years
now a pronounced cheat at his ripe age
Oh! he is just another creature in rampage.rampage

The Green Grass

I see the grass everywhere
with or without care
grows in lands bare
a lovely sight to share.

The green grass is thin
causesnot much of a din
finds itself into the bin
yet sprouts up again with a grin.

The tinier the grass seems
the stronger it is beyond dreams
spreads in a contagious scheme
gets rooted deep into the theme.

That way the grass grows
both in empty land and on the shores
either tended and mowgreen grassed in a close
or left unkempt and left coarse.

The Theorem Of Life

The indifference I find

the cold stare of a kind

the irreverence in action

seen in  the throwaway notion

call I that  an impertinence

not seen always in terms

become visible in realms

towards a certain sect

obvious in an intersect

while the receiver in real

has to remain passive in veil

otherwise a breakdown would result

followed by a commotional tumult

how long could one  brook this attitude?

Well! has to  live through in platitude

so as to maintain an equalibirium

Let this be a great theorem

framed by not the great Pythagoras2014-04-07-ihop-comic

formed by a commoner with all guess.

It would be handy in the life game

a  proven one with none others to blame.

A Meaningful Lifestyle

The way you live.
the way you think.
are in proportion.

The attitude goes a long way
The attitude tries to fix in a way
is an adjustment in the stride.

The perception too is important
The perception owes not a distraction
being an impression of the reality

The perception and the attitude
might sound one and the same
differ much in real version.

The attitude is an orientation of the mind
The perception is an interpretation of the senses
an abstract over the physical.

The nuance of life depends on these
one over the other all the same
a meaningful lifestyle on the go.


The Attitude To Work

No work is below dignity
the work you do is great
menial or white collared.

The physical work needs more strength
becomes irksome at times
yields high payout too.

The desk work going by the epithet
concerns most with the power of brain
earns a handsome revenue.

The attitude towards work
the concentration
does bring in satisfaction.job