Inflated Ego

It is  fun to see people

say they with a frown

not being treated at par

nor been greeted  with love

the fault lies in them almost

forget they with a convenience

grumble and mumble all the more

pull their face long like a fiddle

talk not in a pleasant tone

scorn and condemn the doer

silly accusations abound

with that the cordiality snaps

arises a  difficult relationship

being none other than  inflated ego

has been part of the world from long ago.



angels dainty human Poetry Truth.

The Good Old Days.

it is been long ago

at a time when I was little

when people did not talk about ego

strong they were not brittle

Self-contained they were

ambitious to  a degree normal

took very great care

remained friendly and formal

could find no vanity

not even a slight trace

held them in a way dainty

gossiped they with no chase

spoke not ill of others

genial and  cordial to all

moved like own brothers

responded to each other’s call

they were angels in human form

always gentle and calm good old days


Breaking The Ego

It was a few days ago
he was with great ego
going about in a go
as he had no foe
he did not have to bow
as he disliked show
he never bent low
never intended to give a blow
wished to get in the flow
with a perfect glow
he moved slow
and did not know
how to  speedily go
as the target was in a row
hard to hit with a bow
so shot it with an arrow
breaking it into two.

Actions Poem


egoisticThe ego in you
is a curse and a boon
all the same to you
but terminal to others.

The “I ” in you is a pride
that which holds you up
making you proud and
self- centeric on the whole.

The ego is referred
as something derogatory
calling for a clash
between individuals.

The ego is a bloom
if there is a limitation
of reference and recruitment
thus bringing a resolution.

Egoistic is a term
that intends a self-conceit
and a self promotion
ushering in casualties.

Modulations in egoistic is
by tempering the self-interest and
including the public perceptions
would bring about a reformation.

Actions deride Experience sneer thoughts Wedlock Wisdom

A Rub and a Rebuff.

It was a harsh rub,

A brush on the wrong side,

A bruise to the heart,

A hurt to the ego,

Killing to the core quoth she.


It was a rough trial,

An attempt to deface,

A conspiracy to efface,

A bash on the face,

Humiliating to the essence quoth she.


Well,it is their nature,

Made of such stuff abrasive,

Ever ready to be incisive,

Always intending to be reprehensive,

Assaulting  to the depth,said I


It is  an affectation very likely,

Presenting a broad smile outward,

It is fever and fret inward,

Casting a distraught onward,

Directing an onslaught  absolute,said I.


Well it is their way of doing,

Beat them with a wordy sway,

Slash them back as you may,

Retort and rebuff at a bay,

Shrug them off with repulsive strain,said I


Born out of a wedlock prime,

The mother stern and sincere,

The father wise and revered,

You a child of meritorious steer,

March ahead ignoring their  lowly deride,said I