Born Is A Masterpiece.

Art is in the mind

nay not in the heart

the feel gives way

the intimacy takes away

born is a masterpiece.


The intensity as seen

comes from the soul

percolates into the work of art

not anything in short

born is a masterpiece.


The  niceties  as expressed

be it in lines as in paintings

the smothering touch of the brush

the colours  burst out with a blush

born is a masterpiece.


The beauty of the writing

be it in poems, prose or drama

the twists, turns and a stir

experienced in a momentous spur

born is a masterpiece.


The melody in music

be it in vocal or instrumental

the ups and downs with masterpiecerhapsody

that which keeps one in an  ecstasy

born is a masterpiece









Born To Die.

That which is born
has to die
an event prescribed
well y the divine
be born to dieit a small ant
or a tiny bud
all would have to face
the same fate
as destiny would have it
the mighty, the powerful
the small and the big
the dull and clever
one day would perish
and become dust
there be no discrimination
no age to be recognised
old and young alike
go with the tide
that be the end of any life
all are born to die.


The Woman

It is a tedium
a strain, a despair
to be born a female

The woman faces restrictions
impossible to perform freely
has to stay at the back.

A woman if she is enterprising
would be a butt of anger
turns out to be a stock contemptuous

The men around try to sneak
while her husband scoffs at her
becomes a target of derision.

With contempt she lives her life
her efficiency never acknowledged
she becomes a secondary citizen.

The domination of man is relevant
everywhere be it in east and west
dwarfs the growth of the fair sex.

This is the reality women encounter
in all walks of life
cope up with frustration with woman


The Culmination Of Attitudes

Every day is new

with the morn you are born

with the night you sleep

that be not eternal


The days are special for their goodness

each one having an attribution

that be of birthdays, anniversaries

independence and valentine.


The assumption that these days

carry an influence and joy

takes the cue wrong

being a belief not strong.


Could not all days be a celebration?

radiating mirth and joy

ruminating with kindness and love

sounds a tall claim anyhow.


All days propose a task

the completion releases an achievement

the attainment ushers a salvation

ending up in a culmination of attitudes



Born Leader..

There she goes with authority
There she walks with audacity.
There she loiters with a command.
There she saunters with demand.

Being an uncrowned queen for long
Exerting her power in long.
Taking everything in hand
Giving out nothing out of hand.

As she rules supreme over all
She goes about tall.
Being held in high esteem
She gets the backing of the team.

With her power and tact
her position becomes intact.
None aspire to take the lead
as she is a bornrman5757l leader.


Born Leader.

With friends behind
the little girl
cycles to the park
getting angry
if anyone overtook her
Her brother, warning everyone
about his sister’s temper,
cycles a step behind her
and the whole neighbourhood watches her
in awe and gets going in the fun.
.Domineering she could be
at home quiet reasonable
but wanting to be the prime
with her play mates
perhaps illustrates her
inkling of becoming a leader
No. I am in the wrong
as she is seen is
a born leader

Actions Experience Looks thoughts

A Prologue

It is going to be that,

It is going to be what?

It is that , nothing more than that,

Well .what is that?


That’s how it goes on,

Moves on without a clue  to fawn,

Gets going without a scorn,

Ends up in an unpredictable  born.


So let me say that is that,

It is a speculative  combat,

Based on a volatile drat 

Concluding on a tone flat.


Well,a  prologue is most likely to be,

A preface to what ought to be,

An eye opener to all things to be,

But truly a maze  as it appears to be.