The Woman

It is a tedium
a strain, a despair
to be born a female

The woman faces restrictions
impossible to perform freely
has to stay at the back.

A woman if she is enterprising
would be a butt of anger
turns out to be a stock contemptuous

The men around try to sneak
while her husband scoffs at her
becomes a target of derision.

With contempt she lives her life
her efficiency never acknowledged
she becomes a secondary citizen.

The domination of man is relevant
everywhere be it in east and west
dwarfs the growth of the fair sex.

This is the reality women encounter
in all walks of life
cope up with frustration with woman


The Man Yells.

He is in delirium

with the high feverishness

might be out of a tedium

also be of an awareness.


He who has not been doing well

lately in business and relations

with hs fortunes  pulling into a shell

his mind being tormented with affectations.


Knowing that men howl

when they face  any onslaught

be that of failure in all

that could not be fought .


He being not the one  great

subjected he be to decisions

which make him wriggle in a rate

leading him to manifold aberration

One such being anger extreme

shouting and yelling  during crisis

with shattering of all his dreams

he sinks into a depression in an axis.

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Recovery would be slow

as he has to train up his mind

with his pockets  wholly hollow

he is seeking a new find.


Protection Covered — Insurance

Where and all we need protection?

Physical safety is gaining validity

Emotional  security is again metaphysical.

with it comes the property protection

along with the password security

getting on with website  intelligence

with the leaks and spying

going to  a level  destroying

with the government and private

heading towards trouble

as the child and life is at risk

where and more we need protection?

Should we insure everything together

paying premiums altogether

with a fortune spent in premiums

there goes all in a  tedium insurance



could anybody give it a call?



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Needless It Is

weddingIt was a tiring day.
getting up early in the day
to attend a wedding some 100 miles away,
while the hot penetrating sun’s ray,
pierces through the skin’s layer in a severe array,
causing a perspiration in a steady stay,
creating an unpleasant tedium in a sway,
yet had to mark the presence without delay,
otherwise it would lead to an unsolicited fray.