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A Travel Less Travelled

Round and round

I go in concentric circles

an unending  travel.

Round and round

I go in a roundabout

a tiring journey

Round and round

I go through a monotony

a fathomless approach.

Round and round

I go  to a blind spot

a target unreachable.

Round and round

it is always in rounds

not one tangibleconcentric circles


Back With A Bang

The issue has been set right.
Going through support
disabling and enabling cookies
deleting browsing data
signing out and logging in
did not work
Some antivirus software had crept in
making browsing difficult
by a chance uninstalled th28d740eced939e0e5ffe7170fbfd06d4em
now back with a bang.


Long To Be My Way

Nothing could be more tiring

being a continuous  journeytiring

travelling from place to place

with boarding in one place

and I living in another place

going from there to another country

there again from the destination

have to travel to my home town

another long drive turning hectic

pulling all my muscles and energy out

while my eyes droop throughout

my hand tired of carrying the baggage

while the legs pulling me all through

I cross the journey very frequently

that has transferred a strong feeling

that once  back home I never want to get out

sitting pretty at home like a recluse

and enjoying the comforts  with freedom

which I get once  in a way

which I long to be my way  all throughout.

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Needless It Is

weddingIt was a tiring day.
getting up early in the day
to attend a wedding some 100 miles away,
while the hot penetrating sun’s ray,
pierces through the skin’s layer in a severe array,
causing a perspiration in a steady stay,
creating an unpleasant tedium in a sway,
yet had to mark the presence without delay,
otherwise it would lead to an unsolicited fray.

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Pack Your Bags

It is packing up once again.

It is a periodical  schedule all again.

A month here and a month there all again.

puts one to no profitable gain.


A long drive down the road,

in the Express Highway broad,

 is pleasurable for not too often trod,

exhaustively  tiring for a monthly slot.


Up in the air for half a day,

right from the morning ray,

sitting  with a fastened belt all day,

pushes one to the edge of the bay.


Formalities  at the port of departure,

leaves one in  discomfiture,

Similar rituals at the arrival is a feature,

creating agony and  exertion in a single capture.


The up and down movement is throbbing.

What for the mind starts probing?

Might be to clinch a fortune is the lobbying.

Alas! it is a meaningless expedition almost a robbing.