Myself in Weddings.

Weddings and festivals keep coming
a compulsory attendance has to be marked
belonging to a community small in number
with almost all turning relatives
the presence is a must
the clan engage in a tradition peculiar
handing out gifts for all happenings
be it for birth, puberty, marriage,
house-warming and the last being death
must be astonished to note this abnormality
which now has turned tiring and exhaustive
as the age picks up with great speed
there is a demand for rest greatly
the body has become so worn out
squatting being the custom of ours
hard to fold the legs into two
as the knees ache and cry desperately
Oh! literally I could hear my knees
emit a creak and a shriek
once having sat down with effort
it is another wrestle and tussle
to get up from the folded posture
positioning after that with a stretch subtle
any bold move would become visible
have to walk towards the dining
first with a stagger and slant
with the warm up after few steps
I regain the normal poise and face
the food so lavish and delicious
with dishes too many to work on
like to take the little I can
finally come out bidding adieu
with a broad smile and wichettinad_chettiar-wedding-kolam-preparation-2_anurag-mallick folded hands
the most unlike of me in the normal go
with that comes the end of my sojourn
for a particular occasion almost.


Back With A Bang

The issue has been set right.
Going through support
disabling and enabling cookies
deleting browsing data
signing out and logging in
did not work
Some antivirus software had crept in
making browsing difficult
by a chance uninstalled th28d740eced939e0e5ffe7170fbfd06d4em
now back with a bang.


The Patch Up

Distressing it was to hear the news

there being a move to fix it up with a truce

abiding by the norms and regulations

the effort found no light in the revision.

The failure to patch up became obvious

the defeat looks mostly infectious

as there being successions long

where the breakups have been strong.

Anything once broken is hard to reset

with the original getting battered

the restructure becomes a poor assembling

releasing a resemblance quite disturbing.

The enigma of relations being strange

with the ideals being ordained in a range

that when once it gets shattered vehemently

could never be packed without fissures decently.

patch up


Raucous And Atrocious.

A  lively debate goes  around

where the rivalry gets in the nerve

with the  spiteful indulgence

there goes a talk pregnant with deceit

where the animosity runs riot

bringing in a rift and fissure

that requires least attention

as these are issues nothing private

but covering the debatesocial political  norms

where there is no place for indignation

and no status for  discrimination

but the indulgence is carried with gusto

by a person least qualified and most irreverent

as nothing hold his intervention

he goes in an unmindful  attempt

trying to slander the duly designated

by his raucous remarks and clandestine deals

while his associates keep behind him

doing the rest in full tenure.