The Patch Up

Distressing it was to hear the news

there being a move to fix it up with a truce

abiding by the norms and regulations

the effort found no light in the revision.

The failure to patch up became obvious

the defeat looks mostly infectious

as there being successions long

where the breakups have been strong.

Anything once broken is hard to reset

with the original getting battered

the restructure becomes a poor assembling

releasing a resemblance quite disturbing.

The enigma of relations being strange

with the ideals being ordained in a range

that when once it gets shattered vehemently

could never be packed without fissures decently.

patch up


Hope Destroyed.

Had a hope that everything would go well
so went about her way quite normal
thinking of her plans and execution precise
she was drafting her proposals concise
with a drawing up done meticulously
she progressed in her work with a hope
that it would  not allow her to slope
with that she want ahead in style
but suddenly there was a scene vile
that shattered her will  to a collapse
a status  which fell into a relapse
going by the directions so long
feeling high and great in a belong
now standing rudderless in a stage
where things have gone against her in a wage
she is now in a no man’s island
deliberating on issues  out of hand
She being upset and desperate
remained baffled and was irate
fell on her knees and destroyed_hope_by_rovek-d6npoieprayed to God
requesting him to relieve from fraud,

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Rain Looms

The rain was pouring intermittently.

It was without force inevitably.

It ranged with a lag deliberately.

The roads looked clumsy  totally.

People stayed back compulsorily.

The resultant was  discomfort  absolutely.



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On the Run

The days of youth are fun,

As we are always in the run,

Once we are up on a tree,

We sing aloud in a total free.


The days of adulthood are little less fun,

As  we have to move about in a slower run,

Once we are in the mid tree,

 We deliberate on things not totally free.


The days of mid age are least fun,

As we have to check out our run,

Once  we are on the lower tree,

 We  work on  the responsibilities almost unfree.


The days of old age are never a fun,

As we  have to stop our run,

Once we are beneath the tree,

 We count the days when we would be set free.