Hope Destroyed.

Had a hope that everything would go well
so went about her way quite normal
thinking of her plans and execution precise
she was drafting her proposals concise
with a drawing up done meticulously
she progressed in her work with a hope
that it would  not allow her to slope
with that she want ahead in style
but suddenly there was a scene vile
that shattered her will  to a collapse
a status  which fell into a relapse
going by the directions so long
feeling high and great in a belong
now standing rudderless in a stage
where things have gone against her in a wage
she is now in a no man’s island
deliberating on issues  out of hand
She being upset and desperate
remained baffled and was irate
fell on her knees and destroyed_hope_by_rovek-d6npoieprayed to God
requesting him to relieve from fraud,

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