The Money Changes

Money makes one wealthy
it makes one prosperous
taking the person to heights imperious
while people go around him merrily.

The money plays a role
creating a halo around the head
that shines magnificently  at all poles
lending a brightness  similar to a tone red.

With red we come to  an alert
telling that money  gives an authority
more of a great excellence and a  curt
that releases a head strong audacity.

The red also go to signify a  corrupt
that of  a rare distinctive curb
thinking money could buy without disrupt
posting an indecent blurb.

The power that money bestows on the haves
has made out of them a destructive  trash
behaving most callously and indomitably harsh
that way it shatters the harmony of the earth in a flash.



Sharing _A rejoinder.

Sharing-Secrets-Little-GirlsShare they say what you have
Sharing is a great giving  in a way
it is all a concept so good  overlay
Being an apparent stay in the wave.

With sharing the theme of giving  takes the trace
Giving leads to a complete  stretch out
while sharing is for the timely lay out .
Being a great offering  and help in a  face.

Sharing all things be not acceptable
as it being a distinction of personal  and common
while this discrimination holds you  back often
sharing becomes a restrictive  probable.

There goes the instructions fine and in order
getting along with the thought to assist
distributing books and wealth in a hit
That is always been the course of a rejoinder.


The Basics Change

With seasons breaking the norms

with winter there be no cold

having plenty of sunshine and warmth

the winter passes off unreliable

that being so the spring

finds itself punctuated by storms

while gales playing  foul

the season gets overturned

and the autumn is dotted by rains

with cold all around

something different from what we had seen

as summer is known for its heat

therein comes the  chilliness

that works out a fullness

bringing with them all epidemics

and diseases that are waterborne

causing a havoc all through

creating a scenario  peculiar and strange

Well!, to me it looks like

nature seems to profess the idea

telling in its own way   the concept

that change is the only thing  that is climate-change_650x366perfect.