The Doctors _ Haiku

The Doctors enforce

 instilling fear with all force

trusting no



The Diagnosis

The clinical images (31)diagnosis  gets away
when the physical feeling takes the  sway
great to go by the experience  all the way
than abide by the laboratory  findings  as many may
the ability to move about all through the day
clearly signifies that all is great in the alley
no fear need destroy the peace at the abbey
Well, that is how one has to remain gay.


The Day ALL Along

The morning begins with a call
not of importance at all
but claiming to be greatly tall
so had to listen with calm
that been my way all along.

The afternoon gets interrupted by a visit
not of importance again in an insist
but have to entertain without any resist
so had to endure  being patient
that been my way all along.

The evening saw an experience
totally away from the importance
but have images (30)to undergo without any sequence
so went across it with quietness
that been my way all along.

The night comes with an alarm
predominantly not one of charm
but have to go through it being no harm
so bore it with an equanimity
that been my way all along.