Hope Destroyed.

Had a hope that everything would go well
so went about her way quite normal
thinking of her plans and execution precise
she was drafting her proposals concise
with a drawing up done meticulously
she progressed in her work with a hope
that it would  not allow her to slope
with that she want ahead in style
but suddenly there was a scene vile
that shattered her will  to a collapse
a status  which fell into a relapse
going by the directions so long
feeling high and great in a belong
now standing rudderless in a stage
where things have gone against her in a wage
she is now in a no man’s island
deliberating on issues  out of hand
She being upset and desperate
remained baffled and was irate
fell on her knees and destroyed_hope_by_rovek-d6npoieprayed to God
requesting him to relieve from fraud,


Finding Fault

Finding fault  is his way
that has been all the days
whether it be necessary
whether it be derisive
he goes on pin pointing
with not declining
anything  in  the role
looking through a hole
which shows only demerits
he gives all less credits
telling that it is his right
talking images (35)to the face straight
making others quiver in anger
he rants out with allegations danger
that at times jumps beyond and over
causing a malicious feel  and lowers
the respect one bores for him all over.


The Fraud

In between the crowd
I espied a big fraud
the very eyes could do the job
as he meandered through the throb
taking quick turns and twists
he forged ahead in bits
away from the suspicion of all
until he met with a  sudden fall
crashing he fell down on the ground
going by the deafening sound
the people turned towards the spot
rushing towards him on to the slot
helped him to recover and re-Anwar Ibrahim speaks during a rally in protest of the Sunday's election results in Kelana Jayaequip
enquiring seriously about his slip
they took him to the hospital
where he was treated with care  total
as many valuables fell from his pocket
the eyes of the spectators fell from their socket
he could not  hide his guilt anymore
and people knew that there are many more
behind to be unearthed bringing everything more,