That Way Would it Be?

The rustling leaves call me

the lashing rains hail me

the fierce wind carry me

the burning sun tan me

the human scorn kills me.

That way we be inhuman

that way the inanimate be human human_scorn_by_thestarfirephoenix-d5qziap


The Rightful Prospers.

None can destroy the other

be it in material or  download (37)

going about in great vigour

leads to a  destruction seemingly  a derail

the rightful one losing entirely

the  wrong-doer  making merry over his catch unlawful

which all go about for a period short   and temporary

but as days get ahead in enormous speed

there  arises an apparent deficit  and downfall

not in the side of the loser as it might look indeed

but highly in the edges of the malignant  call

as the evil doer  fails miserably

while his wrongly acquired wealth

disappears all of a sudden  unbelievably

while we turn around  and see over the bridge

we find the rightful owner happy and content

with what little he has which is a blessing for sure.










The Day In A Swirl

With the day breaking into a morn
the sun came up and shone
making the world glow
as the  movements got into a flow
with a rush and a push all over
the sound and bound in a hover
a clamber there and a clamour here
the world gets busy and noisy to hear
meantime the sun rises up to the top
sending a significant warmth  atop
the world tuning weary and tired
with its inhabitants  getting fired
both by their heads and the sun
there being a desire for fun
which sets in with the sun going down
while the evening gets across
and the world gets back the loss
indulging in fun and mirth  getting deep
till they go back to slumber and sleep.


With That Goes My World.

The morning looks dull

with people not seen about

nothing happens in full

as there is none going out.


What be the cause I wonder

I could infer nothing so far

as I think about in a ponder

I trace nothing great ajar.


It might be a holiday, I conclude

holidays are spent  not at home I know

as people go over with a schedule

visiting places with glee in a row.


What else would it be? I think aloud

while my son  sits facing me with a tease

What is your botheration now? he talks loud

Keep going not thinking of things in pieces.


Telling him of my deliberation  straight

he unable to control his laughter

holds my hand and says with words right

you have other things to care about  now and after.


Still my mind persists on its thought

wanting to know why the day is  lifeless

my son reaches me with a plot

taking me into the city for a drive   neverdull mroningtheless