Seeing People Off

Seeing people off

takes a terrible move off

some cry when they depart

others look frigid when they part

the heaviness gets on the heart

however brave one might be in short

the attachment gets significant

with the pangs attaining a resilient

the moment of parting  arrives

bringing with it a derive

that takes a feeling out of us

mostly pending  with passions plus

such that we go about with a sadness

which crushes the madness

that aims  at a never parting reference

but have to get away due to circumstance.seeing people off





The Temple On A Hill

The temple  stood atop on a hill

seemed very ancient and still

with devotees going up and down

while an elephant stood on the ground

with her caretaker  standing next

who made her salute  everyone  in best

just for the money the passers-by give

making the huge animal small  in a live

this is how the animal is made to win its bread

with that the caretaker also goes in a tread

as such the temple is known for its heritage

people throng during the festival  in stages

making it glimmer and shine all the  more

sending signals of strength  and fortitude  even more

as the devotees get around in terms dizzy

seeking the blessings of the ruling deities  with ecstasy

signifying that people  do have indefatigable faith

even in these days where  technology  gets ahead straight.Kundrakudi2elephant