The Child I Never Bore

The child I never bore

 turned out to be attached more

nestling closely to me

whenever she gets near me

smiling at me with affection

whenever she comes home in vacation

talking to me with love great

caring for me without abate

that much I am blessed

having found a child  instead

who I feel has had a link

an attachment without a blink

that would go a long way

making both of us gay.  child









Long Live The Plaintiffs

Filing a case in court

fighting for a cause in terms

not bothered about the just and unjust

pushing  the facts and figures back

going ahead with their own agenda

finally getting the verdict

that comes in a form of settlement

signed by both parties with consent

the plaintiff and defendant  agreeing to terms

the judge specifying  the time frame

and stipulating the conditions to be fulfilled

the plaintiffs drag the settlement for months

download (38)be it either because of their ignorance

or be it due to their inefficiency

the defendant stands lost in the wilderness

with the Judge and the lawyers

accompanying him in his sail over nothingness.






The Interpretation

Each one makes different inference

that which calls for a difference.

Each one takes the meaning as they like

or more so as they wish  and like.

Each one understands it to his benefit

going through the clauses as it befits.

Each one talks about it in a way

hoping it would   get through anyway.

The statement is one and the same

but is inducted through  a lively game

Interpretation depends on convenience

as it takes the back seat with  regards to relevance .

Not Interpretationcircumscribing to any norms and rules

the inference mostly plays a fool.