The Ride Up The Hill

Walking across the road

took a turn and board

a bus going with full load

by the hills it rode

fast and gleefully in the cold

on  the way it showed

scenario of great  note

greenery on one  fold

on the other the hills rising bold

enraptured on a hold

the passengers as told

remained fascinated  and rolled

as the bus negotiated on bends  and roared bus ride

the experience  was one  of gold


Weird It Was.

Calling , calling  she came near

what was the great fear?

she shook herself in fright sheer

as she pointed  out to a place rear

saying that it was something mere

not a very fascinating thing to hear

but truly very scary and out of gear

making one sad and shed tears

she showed a man drunken and peer

through the window in a manner queer

ranting and rambling  with a jeer

tumbling in the lane in a   wear]

emanating a shudder  greatly dire

causing the episode appear weird.images (34)






The Guile And Fascination

With the momentum picking up

there had been a  prop up

with things being pushed up

coming into limelight in course

appearing as if not brought by force

getting aware of the source

got to know the way it being done

going stealthily in the run

appropriating a great fun

in reality it was an affair  of creation

that was viewed with  great relation

apparently an issue of fascination

leading one to another

beating with a  manipulation under

that be their goal in tender

being achieved in style

while the world remains out of  dial

that is how people go about in guile.images (33)








Now And Then

Telling a lie now and then

going astray then and now

 talking irrelevant now and then

acting insanely then and now

has been his way on and off

tagging to norms  off and on

generally breaking ties on and off

intimidating  off and on

lived with a deal then

existing with a shield now

crying foul on and on

grabbing all off and off

That being now and then  most

seemingly on and off almost

he is a strange person at the and then




The Desert And Its Charm

The long arid desert with nothing

the vast expanse of land without anything

just a stretch of   sand white all the way

could see only the sunlight all the day

might not present a vivid picture

being plain and colourless   in stricture

they too lend a beauty  great

making known to the world  to date

that nothing has a value immense

as it is the starting point in all essence.

With the zero  begins the numerical regime

so with the desert rolls the other teams

that of hills, mountains, ocean, and fertile lands

images (32)synchronizing the world into a place grand.