Truce _Haiku

Flesh hanging loose

came a man with  choose

forcing a truce.CALL-SNAPER-PRIOR-TO-USE-£££-Paul-Mason-1880682


A Genial Tone

It was a genial  tone

bringing back memories  begone.genial tone

calling little  ahead of the show

the voice expressed a glow

impressing one with an invite cordial

going  on with a  cheer inimical

unable to find who it was

recollecting the voice  not harsh

could not make out the caller

went on talking with a feeler

finally got a catchy  clue

tracing the huskiness  in the vocal cue

concluded it was a friend of past

who was close with me till the year last

but now living far away in a land

with a status tall and grand

still remembering me with unsurpassed love

making me rejoice with  an unparalleled   joy








A Final Throw

The thought of concluding the purpose

with a finish not with a suppose

growing strong in my mind in years

gets thwarted with the drag  and fears

implicated by those who surround me

from whom I want to flee

but cannot do for reasons monetary

holding me on the anvil  rightly or wrongly

seems to be an ambush  with an entanglement

based on a  committed predicament

barring the progress  with a lot more strain

keeping one always tied up with a drain

know not how to get over this  hurdle

as most part is a great muddle

tracking the   moves undertook

going through the papers in several  strokes

has been the  conduct of my life all through

waiting patiently for things to be set right in slow

that takes the breath out of me all the more

causing a setback and a depression in the fore.AW12_FinalCall_HNBlog_Thumbnail