Meenu’s Feeling.

stars  shining and glittering  

moon shining

sun shining heavily

the day is finishing  quickly

my heart is sparkling

Ifeel like laughing

I feel happy when I see

because you are my grandmother.

you always make me happy.

you tell nice things about me.

you always shine in my eyes.


Ichuckling will always be with  you for a feeling.

I always think a about you in my present.

I hope you understand me forever.

love meenu


A poem written by my grand daughter  showing her feelings towards me.


The Way We Live.

It was in the evening

the city was teeming

as people went shopping

being a week-end

this being a trend

when people go about swiftly

buying things rather quickly

the groceries  being bought

the vegetables  and fruits 21dhl-grocery-shoppingbeing procured

with that goes the shopping

then comes the home coming

which involves a relax and a  retiring

getting refreshed for the week day

as the days involve work  without any play

making man an idiot and a slave at the same time

as he is running after money all the time

needed to sustain him  and  his family all through