The Way We Live.

It was in the evening

the city was teeming

as people went shopping

being a week-end

this being a trend

when people go about swiftly

buying things rather quickly

the groceries  being bought

the vegetables  and fruits 21dhl-grocery-shoppingbeing procured

with that goes the shopping

then comes the home coming

which involves a relax and a  retiring

getting refreshed for the week day

as the days involve work  without any play

making man an idiot and a slave at the same time

as he is running after money all the time

needed to sustain him  and  his family all through


















Lines And Norms

Seeing through the lines

reading through the lines

glancing through.the lines

standing through the lines

are things which fall in line.



Seeing out of the box

thinking out of the box

getting out of the box

taking out of the box

are things which prop out of the box.


Seeing beyond the forms

going beyond the norms

keeping away from harm

sustaining  within the calm

are actions that  make one long.


This being the line and form.

This coming under form and norm.

This being thinking out of box

This working towards situation calm.

Stands out with a notation different.lines and norms








Ain’t It.

Having to live

have to eat

Having to eat

have to earn.

Having to earn

have to find a job.

Having found a job

Have to work.

Having to work

have to endure

Having to endure

have to sustain.

Having to sustain

have to tolerate.

Having to tolerate

have to be patient.

Having to be patient

have to programme.

This be the reason.

This be the scheme.

This be the schedule.

This is the way to survive

having to live in peace.images (5)




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A Stony Talk.

bones and nervesstones and bricksThe stones and bricks are not lifeless as they seem.
They know much more than we comprehend in a seam.
They have witnessed many a quarrel and in fight of the team.
They have enjoyed the happiness and pleasure in a gleam.

The thought brings to mind the functions of bones and nerves.
The bones give shape to the Man’s curves
The nerves sustain his laborious serves.
Both give him facilities more than he deserves.

The stones brave the wind and weather.
They withstand with a spirit dying never.
The bricks deliver a sustenance forever.
Both together propose a structural grandeur.

The loud laughter penetrates through the stones.
The tearful cries strike the bricks in a repeated hone.
Mirth knocks the doors not alone.
Sorrow crosses the porch in a subdued tone.

The stones chuckle sonorously when they are disturbed terribly.
The bricks rattle fiercely when the wind blows rudely
They cause a furore in the dim night endlessly.
They shudder mildly in the starless darkness dolefully.

Never shun the stones of a house as lifeless.
Never condemn bricks of a house as useless.
They have recorded messages countless.
They have staged dramatic episodes nevertheless