The Man and Men

A man on the cliff

called to the men down

Oh, here I am

look at me

I am one of you

I had been battered by misfortunes

I am about to end my life

I am going to jump from this point.

Shall I jump or shall  I not?.


The men below stood confused

they called to him

look at us

we are like you

we are under great trouble

we live with hope

we still walk past  and tread through

Should we live or should we not?




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The Place Nothing Happens.

I live in a place

where nothing happens

if in a case

anything happens

it does in a restaurant

you could see all of the jaunts

filled with people in  a torrent

they flock and haunt

spend time over a cup of tea

sip ans sip the tea for hours

articulately talk with glee

there could be few lovers

the rest being business minded

talk much of their business aloud

not bothered of the kindred

this be the place I live

where  nothing could ever happen.

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The Wilsons Or The Tysons.

It is a family
could be the Wilsons
could also be the Tysons
the one in unity
hard to find such ones
as rivalry is in every quarter
it seems to be a clause in a charter
this family is away in one
very different from the majority
hold each other so close and near
speak the mind out in words clear
never resort forspeak your mind any reasons in ambiguity
embrace each other with amity
that be their way to iron off the differences
a way to be learnt and adopted with references.


Long Live

Long do I see
Long do I hear.
Long do I think.
Long do I live.
Long be it long
as I go about in long
with nothing in belong
that be the lonely song
of everyone from times long
who take nothing along
laid to rest away from throng
that be the way but not wrong
as we understand in long.
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Anonymous He

The writing bears a stamp

that which tells of the author

be he a poet or a dramatist

there would be seen a style

that would reveal the person

anonymous he might be

his words show him clear

as he lives and breathes there

with the soul on it.


The identity getting on the stage

the theme scales up a

as the perception gives out

the person who has written

with his ideas being clothed

not with words alone

but with the thoughts

that carry a significance

revealing a reference.


The outlook being that of the writer

who wishes not to come upfront

remaining in the hind

he  pours his emotions in paper

very well backed  and packed in a language

as the mastery over the letters

remains the foremost skill

that go to make wonders

commanding esteem and  repute .anonymous




That Be A Wish

There stands a house
lonely  on the road
with a sprawling garden
and a lively orchaimages (55)rd
all set in a greenery
exhibiting a tone od prosperity
with a swing in the front
and a slide in the back
where children throng
going in a move full of joy
climbing up and down
enjoying a great thrill
the house  looks majestic
with an authoritative command
along with the choicest demand
a magnificence all very lovely
presenting an amazing look
that be the house  I cherish
I like to have and live
as it delivers peace and harmony
altogether  in a stroke
that be a wish long in my mind
hoping to get it fulfilled  in time


Life Holds

images (10)Life has many things for you

wonderful and marvellous

doleful and disastrous.

The one that comes first

and the other that comes  behind

come on their own way

not controlled by  any

nor  decided by many.


With the great and good

with the bad and rude

life gets on in the road

dragging along  the issues broad

taking into account deeds performed

focusing on the good you do lovingly

rewarding you with best greatly.


No reason could you attribute

nothing could be distributed

as everything is ruled by fate

which is preordained and slated

Living well and doing good  be the way

which would certainly  make  us gay.


Ain’t It.

Having to live

have to eat

Having to eat

have to earn.

Having to earn

have to find a job.

Having found a job

Have to work.

Having to work

have to endure

Having to endure

have to sustain.

Having to sustain

have to tolerate.

Having to tolerate

have to be patient.

Having to be patient

have to programme.

This be the reason.

This be the scheme.

This be the schedule.

This is the way to survive

having to live in peace.images (5)




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Long Live.

Long live the King!

Long live the nation!

Longevity is a jubilation.


Live long is everyone’s wish.

Live long is everyone’s dream.

Live long for what I wonder?


Live long to fight with one another.

Live long to spend as much as possible

Live long to seek help to go about .


Live long to depend on others.

Live long to experience solitude.

Live long to wriggle in pain.


Live long to gaze at the sky.

Live long to count the stars.

Live long to talk to self.


If so long live Man!

Longevity is a jubilation.

Ain’t it?


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Live Like A king

Live like a king,

With all in a ring,

Dwell in a house,

With  comforts in force,

Ride in a car,

With luxury afar,

Eat like a poor,

With limited sour,

Enjoy like a kid,

With most you can bid.

Die like a  noble man,

With  a  great  brand.