Life Holds

images (10)Life has many things for you

wonderful and marvellous

doleful and disastrous.

The one that comes first

and the other that comes  behind

come on their own way

not controlled by  any

nor  decided by many.


With the great and good

with the bad and rude

life gets on in the road

dragging along  the issues broad

taking into account deeds performed

focusing on the good you do lovingly

rewarding you with best greatly.


No reason could you attribute

nothing could be distributed

as everything is ruled by fate

which is preordained and slated

Living well and doing good  be the way

which would certainly  make  us gay.


News In A Nutshell

All in a nutshell

 where everything was well

with the ringing of the bell

 came there news with a tell

 about a man who fell

 straight into the  deep well

while there rang the death knell

 as  the man lay in  hell

struggling in pain with  a quell

sobbing and weeping all throughout

when the help  reached out 

lay dead and still without doubt.images (3)













Sleep gives a relief.
It releases a relaxation.
it is a long time belief
that afternoon sleep is a trepidation.

Sleep any time is great.
it is a welcome straight.
Relieving the mind at a rate
and relaxing the body not late.

With sleep deep there comes
a rejuvenation in a leap
enhancing the reap
in a lively heap.

Sleep for hours together
settles the cumbersome in a tether
showing through the weather
along with happiness altogether.

Sleep is temporary death
as it makes one forget the dearth
perhaps holding out the breath
through the time in a berth.sleep