A Schedule Written

Good we do
lives after us
the bad we do
also lives after us
a strange proposition
yet has a lot of relevance.

Good, go to heaven
a popular saying
bad are confined to hell
another famous belief
do they actually go?
a point to ponder.

These be the faith
that grows out straight
a method to hold
good should remain good
bad would turn good
a schedule written in gold.heaven up


News In A Nutshell

All in a nutshell

 where everything was well

with the ringing of the bell

 came there news with a tell

 about a man who fell

 straight into the  deep well

while there rang the death knell

 as  the man lay in  hell

struggling in pain with  a quell

sobbing and weeping all throughout

when the help  reached out 

lay dead and still without doubt.images (3)